Vital Working Capital

  • Industry: Engineering

  • Use of Funds: Bridging Financing; Growth Opportunities

Bobo Engineering, a family-owned business, operates as a supplier to critical industries like medical, fire, and defense. Their operations involve the fabrication of cable, wire harnesses, and electromechanical assemblies, necessitating strong cash flow to cover machinery, inventory, and overhead costs. When faced with the challenge of managing expenses until full payment from customers, Russell Bobo, the owner of Bobo Engineering, turned to Fora Financial for a reliable solution.


Bobo Engineering had secured significant contract awards, indicating substantial growth opportunities. However, the firm required immediate working capital to manage expenses efficiently while awaiting full customer payments. The funding had to be accessible promptly and offer flexible repayment terms. Russell Bobo recognized the importance of finding a financial partner who genuinely understood the unique needs of his business.

How Fora Financial Helped

Fora Financial proved to be the right partner for Bobo Engineering, by demonstrating a profound understanding of the company's requirements and offering funding that was beneficial for both parties. Russell Bobo reflects on this partnership, stating, "You need to make [funding] beneficial for both parties, and Fora Financial did just that."

Following the initial round of funding, Bobo Engineering received four more rounds of financing from Fora Financial. These additional funds provided the company with the necessary resources to take on new projects without the burden of overhead concerns. Russell Bobo expresses his hope for a continued and long-lasting relationship with Fora Financial.


Through the strategic infusion of working capital, Bobo Engineering was able to:

  • Seize Growth Opportunities: The company confidently took on new projects and expanded its operations. This proactive approach allowed the company to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the medical, fire, and defense industries.

  • Effective Expense Management: By enabling the company to manage expenses seamlessly while waiting for full customer payments. This financial flexibility was essential in maintaining the company's day-to-day operations without disruptions.

  • Long-Term Partnership: The company developed an enduring relationship with Fora Financial, a trusted financial partner that understands and aligns with the evolving needs of a growing business.


Bobo Engineering's success story exemplifies the value of a strategic financial partnership. With Fora Financial's support, the business not only managed its expenses effectively but also embraced growth opportunities without the burden of overhead worries. This case underscores the importance of accessible and flexible financing solutions for businesses seeking to thrive and expand in competitive industries.

Why Fora Financial

Why They Chose Fora:

  • Understanding of Business Needs: Fora Financial demonstrated a deep understanding of the company’s specific needs, providing funding that aligned with their growth plans.

  • Quick Access to Capital: Fora Financial’s he prompt and accessible funding was crucial for managing expenses and seizing growth opportunities.

  • Flexible Repayment Terms: Fora Financial offered flexible repayment terms, ensuring that the financing arrangement was mutually beneficial.

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