Support Amid A Crisis

  • Industry: Restaurant

  • Use of Funds: Critical Repairs, Expansion

Pita Grill, a Mediterranean restaurant, faced an unexpected challenge when its ventilation system malfunctioned. Owner Juan Manuel Perez needed swift financing to address this critical issue, and traditional bank loans were too slow for the urgency at hand.


Pita Grill's kitchen operates at a relentless pace, making a malfunctioning ventilation system a critical problem. Time was of the essence, and the conventional financing process couldn't provide the rapid solution required for this costly repair.

How Fora Financial Helped

To meet their urgent financing needs, Pita Grill turned to Fora Financial. Juan Manuel Perez praised the efficiency of the process, stating, "With Fora Financial, I got an approval with minimal paperwork and the financing I needed within three business days." This streamlined approach was pivotal in getting Pita Grill back on track.


Since the initial financing, Juan Manuel Perez has used Fora Financial's merchant financing program on six occasions to make essential improvements to his franchise. Pita Grill, initially a single location, has now expanded to three thriving establishments. Fora Financial's ongoing support has empowered Juan to enhance and grow his business, ensuring its continued success.


The case study highlights the importance of having a reliable and agile financing partner, especially in the restaurant industry, where downtime can be costly. Fora Financial's rapid response and straightforward process provided the crucial lifeline needed during a time-sensitive crisis. This partnership not only resolved an urgent issue but also contributed to the growth and expansion of the company, demonstrating the value of flexible financing solutions in the restaurant business.

Why Fora Financial

Why They Chose Fora:

  • Efficiency and Speed: Facing an urgent crisis with their ventilation system, Pita Grill needed a financing partner that could act swiftly. Fora Financial's minimal paperwork and three-day turnaround time provided the speed and efficiency required.

  • Practical Solution: Traditional bank loans often involve cumbersome processes that can be ill-suited for immediate needs. Fora Financial offered a practical and agile financing solution tailored to address the critical issue at hand.

  • Reliable Partnership: The customer appreciated the reliability and transparency in the partnership with Fora Financial. The straightforward process and quick approval instilled confidence in their choice.

  • Ongoing Support: Fora Financial's continued support through their merchant financing program allowed Pita Grill to make essential improvements and expand its business. This ongoing relationship proved valuable beyond the initial crisis.

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