Seasonal Challenges and Growth Initiatives

  • Industry: Restaurant

  • Use of Funds: Cash Flow Management

The 19th Hole at the Saints, located alongside The Saints Golf Course in Florida, is a well-liked seasonal dining and bar establishment. Operating seven days a week, it provides golfers with a delightful and relaxing course-side experience.


While The 19th Hole at the Saints thrived during the cooler months of the high season, business faced a downturn during the scorching Florida summers. This irregular cash flow pattern presented a significant challenge. To navigate these seasonal fluctuations effectively, Carl, the owner, turned to Fora Financial for assistance. He sought a solution to better manage cash flow and ensure a stress-free winter season.

How Fora Financial Helped

Carl received a Revenue Advance from Fora Financial, which played a pivotal role in helping the eatery weather the seasonal slowdown. In his own words, "If it wasn't for Fora Financial, I don’t know if we’d have made it through the summer." A year later, The 19th Hole at the Saints found itself in need of additional funding, as well as some necessary improvements. Fora Financial once again stepped in to provide support. This second round of funding allowed the eatery to make the required enhancements while continuing to manage seasonal challenges.


Thanks to the strategic financial assistance provided by Fora Financial, The 19th Hole at the Saints successfully navigated the seasonal downturns that had previously posed a significant challenge. With the support of Fora Financial's funding, the eatery enjoyed a stress-free winter, ensuring its financial stability during the off-peak months. Furthermore, the second round of funding allowed the establishment to make necessary improvements, enhancing its overall offering. As a result, The 19th Hole at the Saints not only weathered the seasonal challenges but also continued to grow and provide golfers with a delightful course-side experience year after year.


The experience of The 19th Hole at the Saints highlights the significance of flexible financing solutions in managing seasonal business challenges and supporting growth initiatives. Fora Financial's support not only helped the eatery survive the challenging summer season but also facilitated essential improvements, ensuring the business's continued success. This case demonstrates the value of accessible financial partnerships for businesses operating in fluctuating seasonal markets.

Why Fora Financial

Why They Chose Fora:

  • Cash Flow Management: Fora Financial's assistance in managing irregular cash flow was crucial for The 19th Hole at the Saints, ensuring they could navigate seasonal downturns successfully.

  • Stress-Free Winter: The initial funding from Fora Financial provided the financial stability needed for a worry-free winter season, enabling the business to thrive during its peak months.

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