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Don't Let the Government Shutdown Stop Your Business
October 01, 2013

Don't Let the Government Shutdown Stop Your Business

If you’re nervous about the government shutdown and how it will affect your small business, find out how Fora Financial’s working capital solutions can ensure you’re still able to succeed.

With the arrival of a Government Shutdown this morning, many small business owners will no longer have access to bank financing. For those individuals that currently have an outstanding SBA loan, they will not be affected. However if you have an application being processed, those will be piling up in a separate queue until we get Democrats and Republicans to come to an agreement.

Is anyone thinking of the impact on Main Street, with the banks no longer lending? While there is no certainty when Democrats and Republicans will come to an agreement, one thing is certain; bank lending to small businesses is at a halt. After waiting weeks and sometimes as long as months to get approval for a SBA loan, many owners are being told they may be left waiting with no end in sight.  For majority of business owners the Shutdown may not affect their business’ daily functions, but for a large portion, additional financing is their lifeline.

If you’re a small business owner you don’t have to wait for Congress to come to an agreement to obtain the financing you need. Fora Financial can help your business stay afloat. With working capital available in as little as twenty four hours the small business owner doesn’t need to suffer any longer. Small businesses may not be the government’s top priority, but at Fora Financial small businesses are the only priority.

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