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The Best Times to Apply for a Business Loan
December 11, 2017
The best times to apply for a business loan

The Best Times to Apply for a Business Loan

Having a sufficient amount of cash flow for your business is crucial, especially in certain situations. Whether you run a seasonal business or are anticipating an influx of customers during the holidays, there are times when your business requires additional capital.

Due to this, many business owners pursue small business loans.

Below, we’ll explain four of the most common situations in which your business could reap the benefits of a business loan.

The Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a hectic time for business owners, which is why a business loan can be beneficial! To make holiday sales, you must invest in your business to attract customers. For instance, you’ll need to purchase inventory, hire seasonal employees and pay for holiday marketing campaigns. Without additional financing, it can be difficult to afford these costs, so apply for a loan prior to the holidays.

Busy Season

Depending on your business’s industry, you may have a busy season, in which your business experiences a dramatic increase in demand for its products or services. Examples of busy seasons include tax season for accountants, and spring and summer for landscapers.

If your business has a busy season in which it makes most of its revenue for the year, you don’t want to be low on cash flow. So, apply for a business loan to pay for necessary operational costs.

For instance, if you operate an accounting business, business loan can help you pay additional contract staff needed to get through tax season. As a landscaping business, you can pay for equipment and other tools needed to complete jobs. Having a business loan will allow you to make the most of your busy season, without worrying about having enough cash flow.

Slow Season

Although business owners who are experiencing success can utilize a business loan, so can businesses that are having a lull in sales. If your business isn’t generating the amount of sales it used to, you can apply for a loan to make improvements to your business. If your interior needs some TLC, or you need to update inventory, this loan can help you improve your business, and start attracting customers. Plus, this loan will allow you to have cash flow to make it through slow seasons, so you’ll be able to pay bills and stay operational.

Introducing a New Product or Service

Sometimes it makes sense for a business to start offering an additional product or service. For example, a restaurant that focuses on serving brunch may consider staying open later to feed the dinner crowd. This requires a new menu, additional ingredients, and kitchen equipment.

According to Chron, “your total budget for a new product or service includes all costs from development through delivery.” The overall costs will likely be greater than simply the cost of manufacturing or obtaining the product. To prepare for launching a new product or service, consider a loan to help you cover your financial needs.

Next Steps

If your business is experiencing any of the situations featured in this post, it might be time to start your small business application. Of course, there are other times when you find yourself in need of additional working capital, as every small business is different. Knowing when your business could thrive with the help of extra financing is important, so contemplate your business and consider the benefits of a small business loan.


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