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How to Create a Mobile App for Your Small Business
May 09, 2016

How to Create a Mobile App for Your Small Business

Creating a mobile app for your small business may seem daunting, but it can also be a helpful tool for your customers. Taking the time to maintain a mobile app may not be the right decision for every small business, which is why you should check out our pro’s and con’s list before working on an app!

It seems like there is an app for everything these days, so why should your small business be any different? Developing a small business app can help you connect with customers, make more sales and share company updates. Although creating a small business mobile app can offer numerous opportunities, it will also take a lot of time and effort to maintain. Check out our small business mobile app pro’s and con’s list, and decide if developing one is right for your business!

1. Pro: Spread the word about your business – The more publicity, the better! In addition to your website and social media profiles, having a mobile app for your small business will give you another space to showcase your company. You can publish news about your business, or important details like your business’s contact information and hours of operation.

2. Con: Takes a lot of work to develop – If you’re interested in working on your small business’s app development, be prepared to put a lot of time and effort into developing it. Don’t make an app just to say that you have one, take the time to do it right.

3. Pro: Stay connected – Having a mobile app will give your customers an easy way to keep up with your business. It will also give you another avenue to communicate with customers, and hear their feedback.

4. Con: Must update frequently – Just because your app is finished doesn’t mean the work stops there! You’ll need to ensure your mobile app is updated regularly, keeping the content on your app fresh and up-to-date. Sharing incorrect information will make your business look unprofessional, so if you don’t have someone to periodically update your mobile app, consider saving this project for a later date.

5. Pro: Easy way to share coupons and offers – Creating a small business mobile app will allow you to easily share coupons and special offers with your customers. Advertising that these incentives are available through your app will also entice people to download it. A mobile app for your small business that features ways for patrons to save money or win free services will be especially popular, so consider adding this component to your app.

6. Con: Need to hire technology specialist – Unfortunately, if your team is especially small, or doesn’t have any technology specialists, mobile app development for your small business may be a challenge. Of course, you can hire a contracted employee to create the app for you, but you’ll want to make sure that your business can afford this.

7. Pro: Another way to make sales – With the popularity of mobile e-commerce, having an app to purchase products or make reservations can be very beneficial. If your mobile app has these capabilities, it can be especially helpful when targeting customers that aren’t in your geographic area. They will still be able to purchase your products, and your sales will increase!

Working on a small business’s app development takes a lot of preparation and hard work. It is a beneficial technological advancement to make for your small business, and it can set you apart from your competitors. Unfortunately, it can also require time and funds that your business may not be able to afford. If this is the case, consider applying for working capital in order to pay for development and maintenance costs. Let us know in the comment section below how you would utilize a mobile app for your small business.

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