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Building a Website
January 02, 2014

Building a Website

Having an online presence where customers can receive updates and information for can be extremely beneficial for the business. If you’re going to make a website for your business, take the time to do it right! Your website will be a representation of the product you offer.

This week at Fora Financial we launched our new website. The construction of this website had been an ongoing project for several months, and took a lot of time and effort. The creation of our website required coordinating efforts between several departments to ensure we were meeting the needs of our customers through each department’s eyes. For several months our entire company demonstrated extreme patience while a temporary, single page, acted as our site until the finished product was ready for use. Now that we are up and running we are reminded of the importance of having a strong online presence and having the real estate to provide information and services to our customers.

No matter how big or how small your business might be, it is important to have some type of presence online for customers to find you.

No matter how big or how small your business might be, it is important to have some type of presence online for customers to find you. Even if it’s a temporary single page, similar to what we used, it can be vital to your business. Websites can be as simple or complicated as you want them to be, but if you’re a small business and operating on a tight budget, you may not need much too still benefit from developing a site. Most people are unaware that you can build a website yourself. There are actually websites that will break down exactly how to build your own website with some quick steps. Or you can hire a web developer at a good price if you aren’t looking to get to technical.

If you want to build a website for e-commerce make sure you are using software that is designed for that functionality. If e-commerce is just a portion of what you are planning to use your website for, you can develop a site and add on programs that will allow you to sell your products online. Depending on the success of your e-commerce sales you may be making a much larger profit than the cost to build your site. Once you figure out the software you are going to use for your website the next step is to choose a web-host where you can host your site. Who you choose for a web-host is going to rely on the type of software you went with so make sure they are compatible!

It really is easy and once it’s up you can start utilizing some easy online marketing strategies which will definitely help to drive more traffic. Let’s face it in today’s market digital and online content marketing is the driving force behind any good product so if you don’t have an online presence maybe it’s time to start thinking of one!

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