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8 HR Tools Your Business Should Consider
May 10, 2018

8 HR Tools Your Business Should Consider

Human Resources departments are important because they increase the understanding of human capital value, help resolve internal conflicts, ensure employee satisfaction, and hire outstanding talent. Since HR professionals are responsible for a myriad of tasks, digital tools can make them faster and more efficient in their roles.

In this post, we’ll review eight digital tools that can help your HR department improve its processes!


1. Textio

The job descriptions that you post can either attract top talent or deter individuals from applying. Unfortunately, if you have a small team, you may not have a lot of time to spend refining your job descriptions. That’s why many business owners utilize services like Textio.

Using Textio, you can receive specific feedback on your job descriptions. Whether you need help writing a description of the role, or want assistance marketing your company as an exciting place to work, you can receive tangible notes on your job descriptions, and then can make the changes right in the platform.

Pricing: Contact Textio for a free trial and pricing.

2. Jobvite

If your business is recruiting multiple employees, it can be difficult to schedule numerous interviews at the same time. Plus, with so many candidates to review, it can be easy to get disorganized and overwhelmed. Due to this, you may benefit from Jobvite, which will allow you to manage job candidates, assign hiring-related tasks to team members, and allow existing employees to submit candidate referrals. In addition, employees that are conducting interviews can submit their feedback for each candidate to a centralized place, so that your team can have a streamlined interview process.

Pricing: Jobvite can provide a free trial, demo, and pricing.


3. Gusto

Payroll is a time-consuming task, and according to the National Small Business Association’s annual small business taxation survey, payroll taxes is the second largest administrative and financial burden on small businesses.

If you need help improving your payroll procedures, you might want to consider Gusto, which can help you process payroll faster and can also automatically calculate taxes for your employees. In addition, they have an option for employees to self-onboard, which will likely save you considerable time.

Pricing: To start, Gusto offers a one-month free trial. From there, the cost varies depending on the number of employees that your business has.

Tracking Employees Hours

4. Freckle

As a business owner, you might want to track your employees’ time spent working, so that you can ensure that your team is productive and fulfilling their designated tasks. If this is something that you want to review closely, you can invest in Freckle, which tracks exactly what projects your employees are working on and how much time they’re spending on them.

Pricing: Freckle offers a free trial, and their plans range from $49 to $499+ per month.


5. Kin

Onboarding is crucial to running a small business. If your employees don’t receive thorough onboarding, it can affect them as they start their new role. Unfortunately, it can be extremely time consuming to onboard employees, which is why it can become a rushed process.

To improve your business’s onboarding, Kin has an interactive onboarding experience through their portal. It features a personalized platform where employees can sign paperwork, read team bios, and learn about the company. This is important, because the more that your new employees about your business, the better they’ll be at their jobs.

Pricing: Kin offers a free demo and trial to start, and their plans range from$199 to $499 per month.

6. Zenefits

It’s important to set your new employees up for success, and an easy onboarding experience is the first step you should take in welcoming someone to your company.

Zenefits makes it easy to enroll new employees in benefits packages, set up their payroll, and complete basic tasks like signing paperwork. In addition, if you want a more comprehensive system, they also offer tools for compliance and time-tracking.

Pricing: Zenefits starts with a free demo. From there, it’s priced at $5 to $9 per employee per month.

Workplace Incidents

7. iSight

One of the most important areas that your HR team must tend to is handling workplace issues. These problems must be addressed in a professional manner to protect your business, employees, and customers.

To ensure that matters are addressed responsibly, we suggest using iSight to manage, track, and report HR issues. These issues can include harassment, discrimination, workplace misconduct, code of conduct violations, and grievances.

Pricing: Contact iSight for a demo and pricing.

Performance Reviews and Employee Feedback

8. Engagedly

Holding frequent performance reviews is important so that you can make sure that you and your employees are on the same page, and can help employees become more successful in their roles. If you need help tracking performance reviews, we suggest researching Engagedly’s options. Their feedback tool allows you to complete and schedule performance reviews, set and track employee goals, and create development plans. By using this platform, you can make employee feedback a top priority.

Pricing: You must request a demo from Engagedly to receive their pricing options.

Choosing HR Tools for Your Small Business

Having efficient human resources is an important part of running a small business, but it can be overlooked if your business is understaffed in this area. It’s also important to note that each business will have unique pain points and issues, depending on the size of the company and industry. Due to this, some of these tools will be relevant to your needs than others. Before you sign up for any of these tools, take some time to consider the struggles you’ve faced while conducting human resources tasks. That way, you can invest in the technology that your small business needs!

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