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5 Reasons to Consider Mobile Coupons for Your Business
January 20, 2017

5 Reasons to Consider Mobile Coupons for Your Business

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? It may be time to invest your time and finances into creating mobile coupons for your shopping-savvy customers.

It’s no secret that consumers love a good deal, so why not bring them your business’s latest promotions via their smartphones? According to a 2016 study by Valassis, 58 percent of patrons visited a business after receiving a mobile offer. By making mobile couponing your next initiative, you could attract customers who might not typically visit your establishment.

Keep reading to find out five reasons that your small business should focus on mobile marketing and offer digital coupons!

Want to Provide Mobile Coupons to Your Customers? Here’s Why You Should…

1. Be Good to the Environment 

Paper coupons can be great; but we recommend that you go green instead! By providing mobile coupons to your customers, you’ll be kinder to the environment. It is important to consider how your business’s operations are affecting the world around you.

Aside from the environmental perks, most patrons will be more likely to use a mobile coupon as opposed to a printed offer. Recent research from Koupon shows that for some categories, mobile coupons are redeemed more than 10 times the average of a paper coupon!

2. Try Another Marketing Plan

Are you in need of another way to market your business’s services? Then it might be time to invest in mobile marketing. Consider creating an app, so that customers can easily manage mobile coupons and find out about new promotions. This will allow customers who are interested in mobile couponing to always be in-the-know about your business’s latest incentives.

3. Stand Out Against Competitors

Do your competitors not offer mobile coupons? Then that’s a reason to do it! Potential customers might be comparing you against local competitors. If you provide convenient digital coupons, they may be more apt to choose your business. Use mobile coupons to your advantage, and win over more customers!

4. Offer Convenience

The days of bargain shoppers browsing the newspaper each week for coupons are behind us. Consumers are glued to their smartphones, which they utilize for nearly everything. By providing mobile coupons to your customers, they’ll be able to receive exclusive offers with a click of a button! Most customers aren’t going to make an effort to clip coupons, but receiving and using digital coupons takes little to no effort.

5. Easily Distribute Promotions

In order to share printed coupons with your customers, you’ll need to send them by mail, or hand them out in-store. Mobile couponing provides a wider variety of options when it comes to distribution! Upload them to your business’s mobile app, share them on social media, attach them to emails or advertise them on your website. Plus, you can still market how to download mobile coupons in-store, and send out direct mail pieces detailing your digital promotions. The possibilities are endless!

Next Steps

Coupon marketing can be a profitable way to increase your small business’s sales. Customers will be more likely to give you business if they feel like you’re giving them a good deal. Turn to digital coupons, and watch customers flock to your business!

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