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What Are the Expenses of Starting a New Construction Business?

April 16, 2019
Building a construction business is both challenging and expensive when you first start it. However, with preparation and strong management practices, you’ll weather the pressures of competition and economic uncertainty. In fact, all signs point to this being a great time to get your new construction business off the ground.

How to Understand Different Business Entity Types

April 05, 2019
So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and start your own business. Congratulations! It’s exciting to start a new venture, and the decision to become your own boss was probably an easy one. What comes next, however, will have far greater implications on your chances of success.

Pros and Cons of Startup Business Loans

March 15, 2019
There are numerous ways that entrepreneurs can acquire funds to jump start their new business ventures. Many turn to their personal savings, family and friends, crowdfunding, equipment financing, Small Business Administration (sba) loans, or business credit cards. In addition to these options, some entrepreneurs pursue startup business loans.

5 Reasons to Open a Business in New York

March 11, 2019
According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), New York state is home to 2.1 million small businesses and 4 million small business employees, which is more than 50 percent of the private workforce. New York’s economy is the third largest in the country, and if it were its own country, it would be one of the largest in the world. Depending on your industry, New York could be a great state for you to open your business.

How to Protect Your Construction Company from Risk

March 07, 2019
As a construction professional, you probably know that construction firms can only succeed on a strong foundation of research and planning. During the early stages of your company’s development, you must educate yourself on common risks which are inherent to the industry. Only then can you feel confident as you continue to build.

The Perks of Running a Home Business

February 20, 2019
If you’re considering starting a business, you must decide if you’ll run it from home or an outside location. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), 50 percent of all small businesses are home-based. While home businesses are most likely to be in the retail, professional, scientific, and technical services industries, companies with many types of products can be managed from home.

7 Reasons to Start a Business in Texas

February 18, 2019
If Texas were its own country, its GDP would be the tenth largest in the world. That’s not the only reason business owners are attracted to Texas, however. In 2018, Texas claimed the number one spot in CNBC’s annual Top States for Business ranking, thanks to its strong economy, infrastructure, and talented workforce, among a host of other factors.

How to Select Your Business Owner Title

February 13, 2019
One of the many decisions you’ll make when starting your own business is picking your title. While your legal title may be determined by your business structure — for example, if you form a limited liability company (LLC), you’re legally considered a managing member — the title you use on your business cards and stationary is completely up to you.

Pros and Cons of Starting an Etsy Store

February 04, 2019
Whether you’re looking to start a handmade craft business or add another distribution channel to your current business, opening an Etsy store might be a great option for you. Etsy is an online buying and selling platform that started in 2005 and became a publicly traded company in 2015. It’s similar to eBay  or Amazon Marketplace, but you can only sell handmade items and vintage goods. Etsy’s revenue has grown extensively in the last five years, from 26 million in the first quarter of 2013, to 150 million in the third quarter of 2018.

6 Tips for Running a Pet Store

January 29, 2019
Did you know that tomorrow is National Dog Day? Celebrate these furry friends by making some updates to your pet-retail store. Selling items that customers need for their pets can be a fun and rewarding business venture, so make the most of it! With these pet business ideas, you’ll be able to improve your business, and incorporate new components that customers will love. Check out our six tips here: