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5 Reasons to Consider Equipment Lease Financing

November 15, 2017
Most businesses require some type of equipment to operate effectively, whether it be office equipment such as photocopiers and laptops, or restaurant equipment like ovens and dishwashers.  Depending on your business’s industry, the equipment you need could be very costly.

4 types of insurance small business owners should pursue to avoid risk

November 08, 2017
Starting your own business comes with some risks. Luckily, with the right tools, you can be confident that you’re protected from much certain situations that could be a detriment to the future of your business.

6 Best Business Ideas for College Entrepreneurs

October 17, 2017
Being a young entrepreneur can be a rewarding experience, so what are you waiting for? To become a successful entrepreneur, you need an awesome idea and a smart implementation strategy. While you might think that you must be a seasoned entrepreneur to start a business, that’s not true!

How to Bounce Back by Starting Your Own Business

September 12, 2017
In these uncertain economic times, companies are beginning to restructure and lay off professionals who felt secure in their positions. If you have suffered a recent career setback, you may not need to start updating your resume just yet.

13 motivational business quotes to live by

August 17, 2017
Being an entrepreneur requires hard work, innovation and perseverance, just to name a few qualities. Even if you’re already running a successful small business, it is important to avoid complacency. To ensure that you and your business are moving forward, you might benefit from reading motivational business quotes.

5 financial questions to answer before starting a business

June 08, 2017
When you start your own business, it is important that you properly plan beforehand and make the necessary financial decisions. This way, you’ll be able to manage your money efficiently once your business is operational.

How to Start a Business While Paying Back Student Loans

May 24, 2017
If you have ever dreamed of or began the process of starting a business, you know how daunting it can seem. No matter what industry or niche you’re going into, the concept of turning your idea into a profitable and sustainable business takes a lot of time and serious effort.

How the process of getting a personal loan and small business loan are different

May 18, 2017
A loan is a loan, right? Well, in principle it is, but when it comes to how to get a loan, then you may be faced with the decision of applying for a business or pers

How to choose the right business location

April 05, 2017
Starting a business is no easy feat. As any small business owner will attest, the whole process from inception to completion is a massive undertaking. When it comes time to choose a location, in the digital age it’s tempting to believe that your physical location runs secondary to setting up your online presence. However, choosing a location is still one of the most critical decisions a new business owner has to make.

Wait for it! 5 reasons to delay applying for startup business loans

February 10, 2017
Congratulations! You’ve successfully opened a small business, and you’re ready to take-on the exciting venture of being an entrepreneur. During the first few months, you may feel overwhelmed by the investments you need to make in order to guarantee that your business is effective. It is important to start off strong, so that you can begin to form lasting relationships with your customers, and ensure that your business will be profitable.