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Starting An Etsy Business? The Top Pros and Cons

January 11, 2022
Whether you want to sell handmade items or market your existing business, opening an Etsy store can be an exciting venture.

DBA vs LLC: How Should You Register Your Small Business?

October 20, 2021
Being a small business owner comes with flexible hours, unlimited earning potential, and other notable perks. One of the most important questions you should ask yourself as a new business owner is “should I pursue a DBA or LLC?” The answer depends on how you plan to conduct business.

The Top 10 Business Blogs for Women Entrepreneurs

October 19, 2021
Are you in the process of starting your women-owned business venture? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned professional in your field, looking to gain additional insights? Regardless of your situation, women in business benefit from consistently expanding their knowledge base. However, as a busy entrepreneur, you probably need to consume content while on-the-go!

The Pros and Cons of Finding Private Investors

October 19, 2021
Whether you’re growing your existing business or starting a new venture, access to business capital is paramount.

Should You Buy An Existing Business? The Pros and Cons

September 13, 2021
Starting a small business can be a rewarding opportunity. By doing so, you can pursue your dreams and build a successful company from the ground up.

What Is a Business Loan Calculator And Do You Need One?

September 10, 2021
As you probably know, a small business loan can help you get your business operations successfully up and running. You may also use additional working capital to fund everyday expenses, expand your operations, or to use during cash flow shortages.

The 10 Business Types With The Lowest Profit Margins

August 31, 2021
When you start a business, you should strive for a high profit margin so you can be prepared to withstand slow economic periods, while also gaining a consistent customer base.

Business Loan vs. Personal Loan: Which One Is Right for You?

August 24, 2021
All small business loans are essentially the same, right? Well, in principle this is true, but when it comes to the loan process, you may be faced with the decision of applying for a business or personal loan.

The Pros and Cons of Receiving a Startup Business Loan

August 19, 2021
There are numerous ways that entrepreneurs can acquire funds to jump start their new business ventures. Many turn to their personal savings, family and friends, crowdfunding, Small Business Administration (sba) loans, or business credit cards. In addition to these financing options, some entrepreneurs pursue startup business loans.

20 Business Articles Every Entrepreneur Should Read

April 26, 2021
Many of the most successful entrepreneurs are avid readers; Warren Buffett spends up to 80 percent of his day reading, Bill Gates reads one book a week, and Tesla’s Elon Musk is a fervent reader.