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How to Get a Small Business Loan in Virginia

January 13, 2022
There are 783,977 small businesses in Virginia that employ 1.6 million workers and account for 46.6 percent of the total workforce in the state. Many Virginia small businesses are in industries like professional, scientific, and technical services, construction, real estate, transportation and warehousing, health care, and retail trade.

How to Get a Small Business Loan in South Carolina

January 12, 2022
South Carolina is home to 445,804 small businesses, which account for 99.4% of total businesses in the state. These small businesses employ 830,094 workers and make up 43.6% of the entire workforce. Most of them operate in industries such as professional, scientific, and technical services, construction, administrative, support, and waste management, commercial real estate, and retail trade.

5 Ways to Use a Daycare Business Loan for Growth

January 10, 2022
As a daycare center owner, your main goal is to care for children and provide them with the best experience possible. To achieve this, you should be generating new ideas that will keep your students and their parents satisfied. Sadly, affording these costs can be challenging, even if your daycare business is flourishing.

SBA Loan Processing Time: How Long Does the Process Take?

January 10, 2022
The Small Business Administration (SBA) helps business owners obtain additional working capital. If you’re in need of a loan to start or expand your business, you may find that SBA loan options fit your funding needs.

Equity Financing: How Can Business Owners Benefit from It?

January 05, 2022
In a survey by Intuit, 75 percent of small business owners said they relied on their own personal savings to start their business. However, starting a business is one thing and growing it is another. For sustained business growth, you’re likely to need some form of additional financing.

Our Guide to SBA Loan Down Payments

December 30, 2021
Small Business Administration (SBA) loans are immensely popular and for good reason; their favorable terms, long loan periods, large loan amounts, and affordability make them very useful. Entrepreneurs use SBA loans for a wide variety of investments in pursuit of future growth.

How to Select the Best Small Business Loan in Minnesota

December 27, 2021
According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), there were 526,350 small businesses in Minnesota in 2020. These small businesses made up 99.5% of all businesses in the North Star State and added 22,012 new jobs to the area.

5 Reasons to Be Picky When Selecting a Business Loan Lender

December 24, 2021
Unfortunately, many small business owners are fooled by the fact that small business loan lenders make many similar claims in their marketing campaigns. The reality is, although some lenders appear similar based on their marketing tactics, they may provide completely different experiences.

How to Secure a Small Business Loan in Connecticut

December 21, 2021
As of 2021, there are 355,596 small businesses in Connecticut, employing 739,870 people or 48.4% of the total workforce in the state. The most popular industries for Connecticut small businesses include professional, scientific, and technical services, real estate, rental, leasing, construction, and retail trade.

Business Loans in Georgia: How to Select the Best Loan

December 17, 2021
In 2020, there were 1.1 million small businesses in Georgia, which accounted for 99.6% of all businesses in the state. These businesses brought 64, 905 new jobs and employed 202,760 minorities.