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The Pros and Cons of Getting a Bad Credit Business Loan

January 19, 2018
Do you need additional business financing? Unfortunately, if you have a low business credit score, you may feel like securing a loan seems unfeasible. Many banks avoid loaning money to individuals with low credit scores, making it challenging to find financing. Still, there are bad credit business loan options available, but you should weigh your options prior to applying.

Pros and Cons of Startup Business Loans

January 17, 2018
There are a number of ways entrepreneurs can acquire funds to jump start their new businesses. Many turn to personal savings, family and friends, crowdfunding, or credit cards. In addition to these options, some entrepreneurs consider startup business loans. Although there are benefits of receiving a startup business loan, there also some downsides to consider.

Is an SBA Loan Right for Your Business?

January 12, 2018
As a small business owner, one component that you likely consistently worry about is financing. If you are unable to afford necessary expenses, it could be difficult to keep your business operational.

Guide to Applying for an SBA Export Loan

January 11, 2018
Businesses that need financing to export their products often find that traditional lenders are not interested. This is because banks see loans for exporting as high risk. The SBA has created several loan programs to help exporters get financing, and provide a guarantee on these loans of up to 90 percent.

How Tax Liens Affect Applying for a Business Loan

January 10, 2018
A tax lien is never good news, but for a small business owner, it’s especially troublesome. Obtaining loans, selling assets, even finding a new partner is significantly complicated by a tax lien. In addition, you’ll be charged fees and interest on the taxes that you owe.

How to Use a Bad Credit Business Loan to Improve Credit

January 08, 2018
When you receive a business loan, it’s a prime opportunity to build an excellent credit history. In fact, if you have a low credit score, it’s a great chance to show that your current credit situation doesn’t paint the whole picture.

What You Should Know About the SBA Loan Underwriting Process

January 05, 2018
If you’ve conducted research on business financing, and have run out of viable options, you might consider a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan. Prior to applying, though, we encourage you to learn about their underwriting process.

What Is an SBA Microloan?

January 04, 2018
If you’re a small business owner, chances are you’ve heard of the Small Business Association (SBA). It is a federally-funded program that supplies information, support, and loans to small businesses across the country. Although the SBA offers several types of loans, we’re going to focus on the SBA microloan in this post.

What Affects Business Loan Terms?

January 03, 2018
Despite the jargon that accompanies loan negotiations, the factors that affect business loan terms comes down to two simple things: risk and return. The bank or lender will want to make money on the deal, and lose as little as possible. Ultimately, their return on your loan depends on you repaying the loan, in addition to potential interest and fees.

5 Ways Bad Credit Business Loans Can Improve Your Operations

December 29, 2017
Ensuring that your small business has enough cash flow to remain operational is pivotal. Due to this, many business owners pursue a business loan. Unfortunately, though, studies show that of the 63 percent of business owners that seek a loan from a traditional bank, only 27 percent are approved. The numbers are likely even more dismal for business owners with poor credit scores. However, there is hope!