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Small Business Software Powerhouses: Our Recommendations

November 19, 2019
Business owners are faced with many vendors choices that all promise to make their lives easier. In truth, the amount of choices and the hype associated with them are enough to make anyone confused. In fact, sometimes it feels as though you need an advanced degree to understand all of your options!

10 Business Podcasts You Should Listen To

October 22, 2019
Business podcasts are an ideal learning resource for small business owners. Actionable, insightful and accessible anytime, they’re great to listen to while driving or doing chores. Still, it can be hard to find the best business podcasts, especially when every podcast advertises itself as the best. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best business podcasts that we’ve listened to.

National Get Smart About Credit Day: What You Should Know

October 17, 2019
On October 17th, National Get Smart About Credit Day gives young people and small businesses a chance to think about how they manage their credit.

4 Ideas for Get to Know Your Customers Day

October 14, 2019
This Thursday, business owners around the nation will celebrate Get to Know Your Customers Day!

10 Helpful Resources for Women Business Owners

October 11, 2019
Most women business owners agree that networking, training, and community are all keys to success. Although there are many general resources available to business owners, not all are specific to women and the unique issues that they face. Even though general resources can still be helpful, it’s important to have information that’s tailored specifically to women.

How to Celebrate National Women's Small Business Month

October 02, 2019
If you’re an owner of one of the 11.6 million women owned businesses in the United States, this month is about you. October is National Women’s Small Business Month, which means that now is the time to celebrate your accomplishments and focus on your growth as a small business owner.

The Pros and Cons of Changing Your Business's Name

September 25, 2019
Most new entrepreneurs spend time considering how to name the name a small business. Once they select a name, they often think that it’ll stay with their company permanently. However, the name you choose might not be the right name long-term.

The Best Business Certifications for Women Business Owners

September 23, 2019
According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, there are more than 11.6 million woman-owned businesses. However, women in business also face significant challenges in comparison to male entrepreneurs. These challenges include lack of funding, limited knowledge, and fear of failure.

The 10 Best Business Books for Women

September 17, 2019
Female entrepreneurs have accomplished incredible things. While running businesses, they also are more likely to oversee their homes, earn higher levels of education than their male peers, and work to hammer glass ceilings in industries traditionally ruled by men.

Disruptive Business Models: What You Should Know

August 29, 2019
Imagine a world without successful companies Uber, Netflix, or Amazon. Most likely, you can’t, because these brands have become so ingrained in our daily lives that it’s hard to remember a time when they didn’t exist.