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5 Cheap Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

July 14, 2020
When you run a small business, every dollar counts. You know you need to spend some money on marketing to reach your ideal audience, but the cost can feel daunting.

Pros and Cons Of Starting A Subscription Box Service In 2020

March 09, 2020
A decade ago, most consumers didn’t know what a subscription box was. There were some early adopters in this market, such as The Sampler, an art-based subscription, which started in 2004. However, the trend really took off when beauty service Birchbox hit the scene in 2011. Now, there are subscription boxes for everything from vegan meals to scuba gear. Birchbox is still going strong, along with its main competitor, Ipsy. Many entrepreneurs are joining in, hoping for a piece of a market that grew 890 percent between 2014 and 2018.

Master The First Impression: How to Earn New Clients

March 08, 2020
Do you believe that a first impression makes a difference? It’s a crucial component when trying to earn new clients, as people will often size up a person in minutes. 

Small Business Ideas: How to Select A Long-Lasting Niche

March 08, 2020
Many entrepreneurs know they want to start a small business before deciding what that business opportunity will be. If that’s the boat you’re in, how do you choose a long-lasting idea?

Heating Up: Business Ownership And The FIRE Movement

March 07, 2020
Without realizing that there’s a term for their pursuits, most Americans are focused on the FIRE lifestyle. Although more recently thrust into mainstream vocabulary, financial independence is the real American dream. This movement is typically defined as having the income to pay for living expenses for the rest of your life. It comes with the freedom to spend your time as you wish, within reason. Whether you decide to keep working, enjoy hobbies, or travel, the choice is yours.

How to Break Into New Markets with Your Existing Business

March 06, 2020
For any business, there are many important balances to strike. You must provide great service, but at a reasonable cost. You want to allow employees their freedom and creativity, without creating chaos. 

5 Frequently Asked Questions: Business Property Foreclosures

March 04, 2020
Many business owners need to obtain property for their businesses. The uses for this property depends on the business. However, properties are usually expensive, often beyond business owner’s typical budgets. This may cause these owners to borrow money for the property.

8 Tips For Opening A Coffee Shop Successfully

March 04, 2020
Everyone loves a good cup of coffee. When you decide to open a coffee shop, you’ll be serving a product that’s already in demand. You can also get creative and serve other products, such as baked goods.

Why is the Nonprofit Sector Growing At Such Fast Rates?

March 02, 2020
Nonprofits are created to serve the public. Unlike for-profit organizations, they don’t earn profits for their owners and shareholders. Instead, they spend the money they raise to support their mission and pay their employees. They may feed the homeless, help find a cure for cancer, or provide care to underprivileged seniors.

6 Unexpected Costs When Running and Starting A Franchise

February 22, 2020
Have you ever considered starting a franchise? This type of business offers a proven business model, and you can also choose the type of franchise you’d like to run. One downside is there can be unexpected costs after you get started. These costs will eat into your profits. However, when you learn of the costs, you can account for them.