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What Is Unearned Revenue, And Can It Hurt Your Business Finances?

April 20, 2022
Revenue is the income your business earns before you subtract any expenses. Your revenue shows how successful you are at generating sales. What it fails to consider, however, is your operating efficiencies which may significantly affect your bottom line. Therefore, just because your business earns significant revenue doesn’t mean it’s in good financial standing.

4 Ideas for Celebrating Get to Know Your Customers Day

April 18, 2022
This Thursday, business owners nationwide will celebrate Get to Know Your Customers Day! On the third Thursday of each quarter (in January, April, July, and October), Get to Know Your Customers Day is observed, and entrepreneurs are encouraged to focus on customer engagement.

7 Tips for Creating a Successful Coupon Marketing Strategy

April 13, 2022
As a small business owner, attracting and retaining customers is critical to your ongoing success. However, it can be challenging to determine which marketing tactics will generate the best results for your business.

The Top Pros and Cons of Starting Customer Loyalty Programs

March 18, 2022
Starting a customer loyalty program can be a time-consuming, yet rewarding, project. It’s vital to make your existing customers feel valued.

How to Write Off Unpaid Invoices and Protect Your Finances

March 14, 2022
Dealing with unpaid invoices is an unfortunate, but sometimes inevitable, part of being a small business owner. Although the experience can be stressful, it’s still vital that you know how to collect unpaid invoices.

The Pros and Cons of Invoice Factoring for Business Owners

January 05, 2022
When your small business has low cash flow due to outstanding invoices, invoice factoring can be a quick and easy solution.

6 Sales Mistakes Your Small Business Might Be Making

October 28, 2020
With so many daily responsibilities, it can be difficult to master every aspect of running your small business. For example, you might not have substantial sales experience, making it difficult to grow your operations.

The Top 10 Customer Service Blogs for Businesses

October 22, 2020
As business owner, finding and attracting new customers can be challenging. However, it’s even more difficult to keep your customers happy and engaged once you’ve won them over!

How to Keep in Touch with Customers During The COVID-19 Crisis

September 25, 2020
Over the past six months, business owners nationwide have been economically and operationally affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Pros and Cons of Cold Calling

July 31, 2020
When promoting your small business, you’ll probably try different strategies. From email marketing to sponsored social media posts, there are many ways to market your business and recruit new customers.