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The Pros and Cons of Invoice Factoring

September 01, 2021
When your small business is dealing with low cash flow due to outstanding invoices, invoice factoring can be a quick and easy solution.

How to Understand Unearned Revenue

December 23, 2020
Revenue is the income your business earns before you subtract any expenses. Your revenue shows how successful you are at generating sales. What it fails to consider, however, is your operating efficiencies which may significantly affect your bottom line. Therefore, just because your business earns a lot of revenue doesn’t mean it’s in good financial standing

6 Sales Mistakes Your Small Business Might Be Making

October 28, 2020
With so many daily responsibilities, it can be difficult to master every aspect of running your small business. For example, you might not have substantial sales experience, making it difficult to grow your operations.

The Top 10 Customer Service Blogs for Businesses

October 22, 2020
As business owner, finding and attracting new customers can be challenging. However, it’s even more difficult to keep your customers happy and engaged once you’ve won them over!

Pros and Cons of Starting Customer Loyalty Programs

October 20, 2020
Starting a customer loyalty program can be a time-consuming, yet rewarding, project. It’s vital to make your existing customers feel valued. This is especially crucial this year, as businesses fight to stay afloat due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During these unprecedented times, you should strive to keep customers coming back to your establishment.

How to Keep in Touch with Customers During The COVID-19 Crisis

September 25, 2020
Over the past six months, business owners nationwide have been economically and operationally affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Pros and Cons of Cold Calling

July 31, 2020
When promoting your small business, you’ll probably try different strategies. From email marketing to sponsored social media posts, there are many ways to market your business and recruit new customers.

How to Write Off Unpaid Customer Invoices

July 28, 2020
Unpaid customer invoices are an unfortunate, but sometimes inevitable, part of doing business. Although the experience isn’t pleasant, it’s still vital that you know how to appropriately collect unpaid invoices.

How to Collect Late Payments From Your Customers

June 22, 2020
As a small business owner, you rely on cash flow to keep your business afloat. Unfortunately, not all customers are diligent about paying their bills by the payment due date. When this occurs, you might find yourself in the awkward situation of needing to follow up with customers about their outstanding payments.

Revisiting The Mantra "The Customer Is Always Right"

March 07, 2020
Certain cliches have a way of working into our everyday language. Some tend to oversimplify important issues. “The customer is always right,” is a case in point. The sentiment is nice, but on face value, it’s misleading. Steve Jobs famously said, “Customers don’t know what they want until we’ve shown them.” So clearly, there are smart entrepreneurs who don’t consider their customers to be always right.