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How to Use a Merchant Cash Advance for Your Service Business

February 27, 2018
If you own a business in the service industry, you’ve probably had the need for additional financing. Although all businesses can benefit from having extra cash, your service business probably has a myriad of costs to pay for. If you can’t provide the best possible service due to lack of financial resources, your sales could seriously suffer and could have detrimental long- term effects on your business’s survival.

6 Reasons Why Finding and Retaining Service Staff Is Hard

February 21, 2018
The world of hospitality can be rewarding. It is an industry that is a renowned economic driver; the atmosphere is friendly and vibrant, it’s creative and opens doors — and it’s ultimately all about putting smiles on the faces of customers.

Why You Should Rent Your Nail Salon Suite

February 05, 2018
Starting your own business is the American Dream for many individuals. These people yearn to be their own bosses, so that they can be in control of their schedule and entitled to the full share of profits for their work.

How to Use a Barber Shop Loan for Business Growth

October 26, 2017
As a barber shop owner, you’re responsible for more than just haircuts. Your customers put their trust in you to help make them look their best, and give them a comfortable experience while doing so. To provide this, there are numerous aspects of your business that must be given close attention. Unfortunately, many barbers are unable to invest in their business’s future because they don’t have enough financing to pay for new initiatives while keeping their operations afloat.

How to Utilize Hotel Financing

September 11, 2017
With more than 52,000 hotels in the U.S., it is pivotal to make your hotel stand out as much as possible. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to afford updates that will make your hotel an attractive, relaxing place to stay. That’s why many business owners turn to hotel financing so that they can afford making renovations to their establishment.

How to Utilize Financing for Your Fitness Business

August 15, 2017
As a fitness business owner, you know that your yoga studio, Pilate’s class, or gym location must stand out from similar businesses. Your customers are looking for a clean fitness location where they can take their workout goals to the next level. To earn their loyalty (and referrals), you’ll need to consistently develop all aspects of your fitness location. That’s where additional working capital comes in!

Why You Should Apply for a Loan to Pay for Pool and Landscape Technology

August 07, 2017
Did you know that using pool and landscape technology can boost your business’s sales, attract new customers and make doing your job easier? By incorporating technology into your landscaping and pool business, you can set yourself apart from neighboring competitors. Ultimately, customers will flock to the business that can provide them with the most competitive offers. With the help of technology, this is possible.

How a Cleaning Service Business Can Utilize Additional Financing

July 25, 2017
Running a cleaning service business takes hard work, organization and customer service skills. On top of this, customers expect seamless services and reasonable prices from a business that they can trust.

Buying vs. Leasing Landscaping and Pool Equipment

July 18, 2017
Having efficient landscaping or pool equipment is pivotal to the productivity and overall success of your business. If you’re completing a lot of projects, you might find yourself with a fleet of worn out lawn mowers, pool cleaning equipment or other essential tools.

How to Use Working Capital for Your HVAC Business

June 22, 2017
When you have enough working capital, your HVAC business can pay for things that can increase sustainability and growth. According to a Lennox Business Coach, Gary Oetker, if you take the working capital and divide it by an average year of sales, it should amount to about 10-15 percent, anything less and you may have cash flow issues.