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Business Loans for Different Small Business Types

November 19, 2019
When you are on the hunt for small business loans, it can be difficult to find trustworthy information. Let Fora Financial’s complete guide steer you to truth.

Alternatives to Bank Lending: 7 Other Options

November 11, 2019
All businesses need capital. The ideal means of obtaining capital is through a business’s core operations that generate revenue.

How to Utilize Hotel Financing

September 27, 2019
With more than 52,000 hotels in the U.S., it is pivotal to make your hotel stand out as much as possible. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to afford updates that will make your existing hotel an attractive, relaxing place to stay. That’s why many business owners in the hospitality industry turn to hotel financing so that they can afford making renovations to their establishment.

How to Use a Loan to Improve Your Salon Business Plan

August 22, 2019
When patrons visit your salon or spa, they want to be pampered. There’s no room for broken equipment, poor service, or lackluster interiors. If your salon isn’t up to standards, customers will likely check out your competitors instead.

How to Use a HVAC Business Loan

June 21, 2019
Are you celebrating National HVAC Tech Day on June 22nd? If so, it’s a good time to consider your HVAC business’s future. What goals do you want to achieve? How can you improve your HVAC company’s bottom line?

Why You Should Invest in Your Daycare Business

June 20, 2019
As a daycare business owner, your main goal is to care for children and provide them with the best experience possible. To achieve this, you should be constantly coming up with new ideas that will keep your students and their parents satisfied. Sadly, affording these costs can be challenging, even if your daycare business is flourishing.

How to Use a Barber Shop Loan for Business Growth

May 29, 2019
As a barber shop owner, you’re responsible for more than just haircuts. Your customers put their trust in you to help make them look their best and give them a comfortable experience while doing so. To provide this, there are numerous aspects of your business that must be given close attention. Unfortunately, many barbers are unable to invest in their business’s future because they don’t have enough financing to pay for new initiatives while keeping their operations afloat.

The Ultimate Guide to Hair Salon Financing

May 14, 2019
In the United States, the hair salon market is worth $47.1 billion. Clearly, the opportunity for financial success is there, but only if you have the funds to capitalize on it — which is what makes hair salon financing so important.

How to Use Working Capital for Your Florist Business

February 26, 2019
Is your florist business in bloom? Perhaps you have bright ideas, but don’t have enough financing to execute them. If this is the case, we’re here to tell you why your flower shop business could benefit from receiving additional working capital.

How Different Industries Can Make Sales on Valentine’s Day

January 31, 2019
The most romantic holiday of the year is around the corner! While many people are worried about whether they’ll have a special someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, you should be focused on how your small business can earn sales during this holiday.