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5 ways to use your retail business loans

June 14, 2017
If you recently pursued retail business loans, you likely have some ideas on how you can improve your business operations. Now that you’ve received retail business financing it is time to consider how you’ll utilize it!

Pros and cons of opening a brick and mortar store for your online business

April 03, 2017
Owning an online business can be an exciting venture; especially if your inventory has resonated with customers. If you own an online business that has seen great success, you may have contemplated expanding your business into a brick and mortar store. This can translate into new opportunities for your business; additional sales, more visibility and an overall successful business.

How to choose the best retail clients for your wholesale business

January 18, 2017
If you run a wholesale business, chances are you’re frequently looking for new retail customers to work with. Although it is likely that your main goal is to generate as many sales as possible, you should be strategic about the retail clients you on-board.

8 easy ways to get rid of excess retail inventory

December 23, 2016
Struggling to sell excess retail inventory? We’ve got you covered! A common problem in the retail industry is having surplus inventory that won’t sell.

The top technology-focused Cyber Monday tips

November 18, 2016
For retail businesses, Cyber Monday can provide the opportunity to gain an influx of sales from online customers. Maybe your business is solely online, or you have both an online and brick and mortar location. Regardless, offering small business Cyber Monday deals can ensure that you generate extra sales before the end-of-the-year.

5 ways to prepare for Small Business Saturday

November 07, 2016
The busiest time of the year for the retail industry is upon us! If you’re a small business owner, and run a retail store, chances are you’ve thought about the upcoming holidays; Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.

How to celebrate Halloween at your retail business

October 31, 2016
Preparing for Halloween doesn’t have to be a scary experience! Chances are, your retail business is getting ready for the other upcoming holidays, and may not have time to dedicate to the spookiest holiday of the year.

6 tips for running a pet store

August 25, 2016
Did you know that tomorrow is National Dog Day? Celebrate these furry friends by making some updates to your pet-retail store. Selling items that customers need for their pets can be a fun and rewarding business venture, so make the most of it! With these pet business ideas, you’ll be able to improve your business, and incorporate new components that customers will love. Check out our six tips here:

How to use working capital for your online business

August 08, 2016
If you run an online business, consider pursuing additional working capital! From investing in new technologies to increasing marketing efforts, there are many ways that your business can benefit from having extra cash on-hand. Check out this post and see if your online business could use improvements in any of these areas.

How to make your independent retail business stand out

July 11, 2016
Did you know that July is Independent Retailer Month? Make your retail business stand out against competitors by checking out these five tips.