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Marketing Tip of the Month: How to Use Foursquare to Benefit Your Business

October 27, 2017
Word of mouth is the oldest, and still the most effective, way of promoting any venture. Yet with the advent of online reviews and ubiquitous smartphones, electronic word-of-mouth has become the primary channel that people find new businesses. Research shows that the best spokespeople are no longer celebrities or social elites, but communities of helpful consumers who want to share their experiences with others.

5 reasons to pursue a restaurant cash advance

October 16, 2017
Owning a successful restaurant requires numerous costs. From inventory to staffing to rent and other bills, your business cannot survive without funds to afford these consistent expenses. That’s where a restaurant cash advance comes in handy. Most likely, your restaurant receives many payments through credit card transactions. By receiving restaurant merchant funding, your business will have a lump sum advance. Then, you’ll remit a percentage of your credit card transactions to satisfy your obligations. It’s that simple.

Halloween Restaurant Ideas to Implement this Month

October 05, 2017
Its October, and that means Halloween is just around the corner. As a restaurant owner, you may be wondering if there are any business Halloween ideas that you can implement to increase your customer traffic and sales this month. There is no doubt that the allure of Halloween is universal as both children and adults alike enjoy the holiday. It’s a chance for kids to dress-up as their beloved fictional characters, and for adults to take a break from life’s burdens and take on a new persona for the night.

How to choose the right food ordering apps for your restaurant

September 25, 2017
The restaurant industry can be a tough environment for new businesses to excel in, due to stiff competition from similar companies. So, how does a restaurant stand out from the crowd? One way that has become quite common is the use of food ordering apps.

5 Quick Ways to Cut Restaurant Costs & Increase Revenue

September 19, 2017
Tired of your restaurant’s shrinking profit margins? Any great businessman or woman knows one fact – when you spend less of your budget, that’s more money in your pocket or in reserve for your business. But there’s a tricky dilemma: how can you keep your restaurant budget reasonable without impacting the quality of your restaurant’s food or service?

Pros and cons of offering restaurant delivery services

September 01, 2017
As a restaurant owner in the U.S., you are one of over 1 million restaurants nationwide. With this much competition, it is crucial to ensure that you keep up with customer demands to stay afloat. A common expectation diners have these days is the option of restaurant delivery services.

How to utilize working capital for your ice cream business

July 14, 2017
With National Ice Cream Day just a few days away, it’s time to focus on the future of your ice cream business. Even if your business is profitable, there is always room for improvement.

Receive additional restaurant working capital? Here's how to use it

June 23, 2017
With over 1 million restaurant locations in the U.S., it’s important to consistently work to make your restaurant stand out. Having a restaurant business loan or merchant cash advance is a beneficial way to update certain aspects of your business.

4 restaurant menu ideas you can implement on a budget

June 01, 2017
Brainstorming restaurant menu ideas that are cost-effective can be time consuming. As a business owner, updating your restaurant menu may be a project that you keep putting off due to your other responsibilities. Still, you should aim to design a restaurant menu that is cost-efficient but will provide your customers with plenty of options to choose from.

Taking Cash Only: What Businesses Should Consider Before Cutting Ties with Plastic

May 25, 2017
Small business owners are increasingly weighing the pros and cons of processing debit and credit card transactions. The fees they incur each time customers swipe their cards are among the reasons these owners see becoming cash-only businesses as a novel idea.