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How Utilizing Voice of Customer Can Help Your Business Grow
April 27, 2017

How Utilizing Voice of Customer Can Help Your Business Grow

Customers’ opinions can never be overemphasized in its importance, since it is pivotal in spurring business growth and overall success. “Voice of Customer” or “VoC” is a practice used to help better understand the customer’s concerns and expectations when interacting with a business. Utilizing VoC is essential in remaining relevant in a competitive business market.

The customer experience is the place to gain ground since their unique perspective can assist your business in generating new product ideas, detecting issues and gaining an understanding of what your target market needs. Businesses that want to thrive should make the most of a VoC program that employees can use to improve the customer experience, and in so doing, help the company to thrive.

Start with Listening

If you really want to understand the voice of the customer, start with making it easier for them to express their feelings regarding their experience with your company. Where a lot of businesses fail is by limiting the ability of their customers to provide helpful feedback. Regardless of whether the feedback is positive or negative, a customer who feels like they have a voice that is heard by a company is one who is likely to return for future business interactions.

Set up surveys after service calls, allow for discussion on your social media platforms and provide a rating method post-purchase. There are many more ways to gather customer onions, but the most important thing is to take their feedback to heart. If you listen to recurring complaints and suggestions, and put them into action, you’ll have happier customers!

Don’t Be Afraid to Share

As you receive a lot of customer feedback, don’t be afraid to share it. Share feedback with employees so they can get a feel for the customer experience and how to do better in their departments. Share the feedback on company websites and social media outlets to show that you are listening and willing to accept constructive criticism. Customers will appreciate your openness as a company when feedback is freely shared and addressed in a sincere and open manner.

Maintain a Genuine and Helpful Persona

Speaking of sincerity, customers appreciate responses to their questions and issues that come from a place of genuine caring. Consistently train employees to treat each customer concern with full attention and a real desire to help. Even if a problem can’t be resolved the way a customer hopes, they will appreciate being treated respectfully and be more apt to deal with your business again in the future.

Seek to Understand

Ensure that you can correctly interpret the customer feedback that you receive so that you know how to move forward. If you’re accepting reviews in the form of scores or numbers, or if you’re looking mostly at comments on blogs or social media posts, this data is an insight into how your services or products are being received.

A numerical rating might be easiest for many customers to complete, but comments can provide further insight into their experience. Strive to listen to what customers in different regions and specific locations are expressing and looking for from your business. This way, you’ll be able to make improvements moving forward.

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