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Turning A Cold Call Into A Customer
January 24, 2014

Turning A Cold Call Into A Customer

Cold calling usually happens during the earliest stages of the selling process. This initial phone call is an important stage and technique in completing a sale. When cold calling, the first impression means everything

Many businesses rely heavily on the cold call approach to convert prospective customers or clients. This method is not always a fan favorite and takes a skilled individual in the art of sales, to actually have a high conversion rate. Businesses and employees that rely on cold calling know that there is a technique in which you approach these leads. There’s a good chance it will take many phone calls of rejection before you finally strike gold, but once you identify a strategy that works you will succeed.

Any and every individual you get on the phone could lead you one step closer to a decision maker.

Start by narrowing your search. This means identifying the right customer for your service or product. When you can pin point exactly who the ideal customer is, you will have some direction on the type of businesses you should be going after. Once you understand who your customer is you can further research and identify the ways in which your competitors are approaching these individuals. Social networks such as LinkedIn provide a professional non-threatening introduction to different members of an organization. From there you can try to send private messages, or even call them directly once they accept your request to connect. This will help when it comes time for your initial phone call. The approach will no longer feel so cold because you can lead in with your mutual connection via LinkedIn.

When trying to land a larger partnership or client you often times will need to go through several individuals of a company before speaking to the person you need. This is where a lot of mistakes are made in cold calling. Any and every individual you get on the phone could lead you one step closer to a decision maker. Forming a positive relationship with as many people in an organization as possible will only help you to get one step closer to closing the deal.

Cold calling is still widely used in sales today and there are huge corporations that have an entire team dedicated to this method. Cold calling is also not just a function of sales. Business owners themselves could make introductory calls to other businesses or organizations to form different partnerships or relationships. Bottom line, cold calling will always play a major role in the business world and should not be discredited as a great sales strategy for businesses!

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