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The Top Summer Small Business Perks for Employees
May 23, 2016

The Top Summer Small Business Perks for Employees

Make your small business a great place to work during the summer months! With these perks, you’ll inspire your employees to work hard while still enjoying summertime.

Let’s be honest, in the working world, most people still wish summer vacations existed. While it may be unreasonable to give your employees the entire summer off, many small businesses are adding benefits for their staff during this season. Offering small business perks during the summer will make your staff feel appreciated, and give them another reason to continue working for your company.  Plus, using these perks as motivation to get your employees to meet their sales or other goals could also prove to be beneficial to your business! Check out our summer perk suggestions here:

Have You Considered Offering These Summer Perks to Your Employees?

1. Head Out Early

Leaving early may sound rebellious, but approved summer hours can be a great break for employees! An easy way to reward employees for their hard work is to shorten work hours during the summer. Having summer hours will likely inspire your employees to work harder the rest of the week if they know that they have an early dismissal to look forward to. If closing early doesn’t work for your business, consider having employees have alternating summer hours each week, so you have half the staff at all times.

2. Break Out Your Flip Flops

Without forgoing professionalism (no bathing suits in the office, please), you can allow your employees to relax a little by giving them dress down days, or creating a more casual summer dress code. Employee incentive ideas for small businesses like a less strict dress code are nice, temporary policies that will be a hit amongst your staff!

3. Get The Party Started

The summer months can be a great opportunity to foster a healthy work environment. Host a beginning of the summer picnic or a company-wide barbecue where employees can bring their families. Small business perks like these will promote employee bonding, which will ensure your company’s operations run smoothly. Plus, it could be fun to catch up with friends in other departments, or meet new hires while enjoying the warm weather.

4. Take That Extra Beach Day

Most people want to use their vacation days when the weather is warm during the summer, so they can do fun outdoor activities, or escape to the beach. Many working parents will also want to use their vacation days when their children are on summer break, to spend time with them or save on child care costs. Due to this, it is important to be flexible during the summer months. As we previously mentioned, summer hours can be helpful, and so can allowing employees to either work from home, or have additional vacation days solely for the summer. As long as everyone is completing their work, offering additional vacation days can be a successful change.

5. Snack Together

If your small business can afford it, consider offering a weekly or monthly catered luncheon. This is another great opportunity to promote company bonding, and will be a nice treat for your employees. Some small businesses may not be able to afford this, but if you’d like to offer a few surprises, consider an ice cream sundae bar or fresh squeezed lemonade. Doing something like this on a random summer day will be much more cost efficient than an entire meal, and your employees will still enjoy it.

Conclusion: Give Your Employees the Perks They Deserve!

Don’t make summertime a drag for your employees by offering these benefits. Rewarding your employees for their hard work will pay off; and they will likely concentrate better knowing they have these incentives to look forward to. As much as you’ll want to ensure your business is still productive during the summer, giving your employees a few summertime benefits will be great for morale. Let us know in the comment section below which small business perks you plan on trying this summer!

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