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8 Phone Service Providers for Small Businesses
December 28, 2018

8 Phone Service Providers for Small Businesses

Even as many businesses continue to shift their communications online, there are still several reasons your business needs a phone line. Not only can this ensure your business’s professionalism, but it will also make it easier to get in touch with potential and existing customers.

Currently, there are numerous phone providers with packages that specifically cater to the needs of small businesses. When comparing providers, consider variables such as your budget, number of lines needed, and desired features. In this post, we’ll list eight of the top phone service providers for businesses, so that you can select the best one for your company.

Check Out These Phone Service Providers for Small Business Owners:

1. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is great for sole entrepreneurs and other small businesses with limited needs. Their plans are priced at as little as $29.99 per month and can be easily integrated with already existing phone systems. Call waiting music, call forwarding, and voicemail to email transcripts are just a few of the features that Grasshopper currently offers.

2. 8×8

Although 8×8 doesn’t offer all the specialty features that their competitors do, this company is rapidly growing due to its general affordability. For $24.99 per month, your business can have a line with 250 outbound minutes. Unlimited usage is only slightly more expensive ($39.99 per month). Some of the top features include a user-friendly app, SMS, and a direct chat feature.

3. Nextiva

Nextiva offers several packages that address various business needs. The most affordable plan is the Office Pro, which starts at $19.99 per month. This plan includes unlimited calling, virtual faxing, and a free toll free number. The $29.95 Office Enterprise Plan offers additional features such as call recording, Business SMS, and a professionally recorded greeting.

4. Vonage

Vonage is another business phone company that offers multiple packages, ranging from the mobile plan ($19.99) to the advanced plan ($39.99). Users typically give Vonage high reviews due to their ongoing commitment to providing quality customer service and the ways that their products can easily integrate into important meetings. Having a web-based control panel has also proven to be quite useful.

5. Jive

Jive’s products are affordable (starting at $19.95) and are also considered to be quite inclusive. The company is often compared to Grasshopper, but is considered by some to be the superior option. With over 35 “productivity features,” Jive specifically focuses on providing services to e-commerce businesses and various governmental organizations.

6. Ooma

Ooma is one of the most advanced business phone services available but, as you might expect, it’s also considerably more expensive than some of its counterparts. If you wish to keep your current phone number, you’ll need to purchase a $99 base station. Still, once the base station has been installed, you’ll then have access to some of the most advanced and operationally beneficial features available.

7. Phone.com

Phone.com is a great option for relatively new businesses. Their system can be easily managed from your mobile phone or computer and starts at the very low price of $12.99 per month. Unlimited minutes costs $22.99. In addition to price, Phone.com’s  popularity comes from its ability to easily integrate with Salesforce and other CRM products.

8. Ring Central

Starting at $19.99 per month, Ring Central offers its users the perfect blend of features and affordability. Users will be able to enjoy more than 1,000 toll-free minutes, unlimited business SMS, unlimited video conferencing, and other essential functions. The video conference capacity ranges up to 50, which makes this the perfect platform for running larger meetings.

Conclusion: Select the Best Phone Service Provider for Your Business

Clearly, there are many affordable business phone service providers available for you to choose from. By taking the time to compare your options, your business will be able to quickly improve its operational infrastructure.

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