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How Live Chat Increases Customer Conversion Rates
December 15, 2017
How Live Chat Increases Customer Conversion Rates

How Live Chat Increases Customer Conversion Rates

Today, it is rare for customers to visit businesses in-person to make inquiries. Due to this, it is imperative that your website is optimized, and is easy for customers to navigate. Many small business owners are utilizing live chat features, which gives them the ability to directly assist customers through their website in real-time. If you’re considering implementing a live chat feature on your business’s website, keep reading this post!

Customer convenience is efficiently addressed

Customers today don’t buy products or services, they buy experiences. They expect their buying experience to be seamless from start to finish. When they visit your website, if they don’t find the information they need, they’ll go elsewhere.

Taking these factors into account, live chat proves to be a nurturing method of assistance, helping to effortlessly provide answers to customer questions. Thus, a live chat feature can show your website visitors that you are dedicated to customer convenience, and will hopefully take advantage of this.

Implement data-driven approaches and goal-tracking

Businesses can’t make decisions based on wild guesses; they need substantial data to decide whether they want to make a purchase.

Most people believe that live chat is meant solely for answering customer queries; however, it can also provide visitors with a variety of data, like location, referring links, OS and device info, time-stamps, and number of previous visits/chats (if applicable).

This data helps you to analyze and understand the sources that generate the most leads, when and where customers request purchase-related assistance, among other factors. Thus, you can prudently deploy all relevant actions to persuade customers to the checkout page.

You can also track goals through your live chat. For instance, if your ‘Thank You’ page that follows a completed purchase is set as the goal, then every time a user lands on the page it’ll automatically count your successful conversions.

Consolidation of lead setup generation

Lead generation is the most important area for businesses to concentrate on to heighten their customer conversion rates.

Live chat can augment your lead generation framework by:

Providing immediate assistance – The majority of prospects (almost 53 percent) make the decision not to purchase an item when they can’t instantly clarify their concerns. Luckily, live chat gives your business the opportunity to give them immediate assistance.

Capturing lead information – Productive lead generation records the valuable details of a prospect for better outcomes. Live chat provides many opportunities during the chat to obtain that information –  through pre-chat forms, post-chat surveys and requests for their details.

Follow up – Prospects conduct online research before they make a purchase. If a user enters your chat window, but winds up not buying something, it is likely that they’ll return to make a purchase in the future. Save the chats that don’t convert to follow-up with them after some time has passed.

Minimize cart abandonment

Ultimately, you want website visitors to end up on your shopping cart page. At this point, it is pivotal that you do not lose the prospect, since they are almost a converted customer. Unfortunately, cart abandonment is common, with studies stating that today’s cart abandonment rate is close to 70 percent. That is painful!

To lessen cart abandonment, you can send proactive chat messages prior to a prospect leaving your site. Hopefully, you’re able to answer any questions they have, so they don’t look elsewhere.

These are personalized chat invitations that are sent when anticipating a possible cart abandonment. They can be sent when users:

  1. Continue to visit a comparative product after arriving at the cart. At this point, the chat invitation allows you to help them by choose the right one for their needs.
  2. Has reached a considerable cart value. This helps you to nurture them by seamlessly leading them to the payment page.
  3. Delays at the checkout page. This helps you determine whether or not they are having any issues with the payment options, extra charges (delivery, handling fee, etc.) or the payment site.


The live chat option isn’t just for communicating with customers. When deployed wisely, it can act in many ways, including intensifying customer conversion rates.

If your business has found success using a live chat feature, let us know in the comment section below!

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