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Happy Earth Day!
April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day!

Work on growing your small business, but don’t forget to make environment-conscious decisions, too! In honor of Earth Day, keep reading to find out our tips for making business decisions that are also good for our planet.

We spend a lot of time talking about growing and expanding small businesses but it is important to understand that as our world globalizes it becomes smaller. The more people and businesses our world has to sustain the more our resources such as plants, animals and various ecosystems are affected.

This Earth Day lets all take the time to think about one small change we can make that will have a lasting impact on your environment.

Most businesses rely on many natural resources to function properly. This is often times overlooked, but as we continue to grow and use our world’s resources it is important to be educated on different ways to protect our environment. Every action we take impacts our world so if we all understand and change at minimum one thing in our lives to embrace a greener lifestyle we are on the right track.

 If you are a manufacturer or engineer making your products most likely uses a lot of energy! By choosing to create products that are made from green materials, for example; harvested wood, organic cotton, or re-purposed and recycled materials, you will help in the fight to protect our forests, habitats and clean water! Businesses also use electricity for lights, to turn on computers, phones and televisions. Try signing up for a renewable energy program through your local utility.

This Earth Day lets all take the time to think about one small change we can make that will have a lasting impact on your environment. After all, we want to continue having success and growing our businesses, but unfortunately that won’t be possible if we destroy our environment!

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