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How to Celebrate Halloween at Your Retail Business
October 31, 2016

How to Celebrate Halloween at Your Retail Business

Preparing for Halloween doesn’t have to be a scary experience! Chances are, your retail business is getting ready for the other upcoming holidays, and may not have time to dedicate to the spookiest holiday of the year.

In this post, we’ll include some Halloween business ideas that are simple to execute. Even if you don’t have time to try out these options, there is always next year!

1. Try decorating – Depending on your retail’s branding and interior themes, customers might appreciate some festive decorations for this scare-worthy holiday. Even some Halloween themed signage might attract additional customers that you might not normally reach!

2. Mix up your marketing – Have fun with your email marketing, social media and in-store efforts by giving them a Halloween-themed twist! Come up with a catchy sales slogan and convince customers to check out your Halloween offers. Some Halloween marketing ideas could include offering customers a discount if they visit your store in a costume, or giving away candy with purchases made on Halloween. These offers will depend on your business’s situation and inventory, but there are many ways to spice up an email newsletter, social post or other marketing collateral in honor of Halloween.

3. Carry applicable retail items – As a retail business, you have the opportunity to carry inventory that customers can use for costumes, Halloween parties and other spooky endeavors. If you’re going to carry Halloween items, make sure to market this early on so that customers have time to visit your store and purchase these items. You won’t want to get stuck with Halloween-themed inventory after the holiday ends, as this will be a waste of your business’s finances!

4. Hold a fun event – Collaborate with another local small business to host a Halloween themed event. Hold a big sale, and feature Halloween treats, catered by a nearby restaurant. You’ll make additional sales, and it will be fun to host a festive event where you can connect with consistent customers. Plus, since you’ll be co-hosting the event, it’s likely that you’ll win over some new customers. Again, Halloween marketing ideas will come in handy here; market this event early and often!

5. Welcome trick or treaters – This is one of the best Halloween ideas; foster customer relationships by welcoming them to stop by your location to trick-or-treat. Many businesses open their doors to trick or treaters on Halloween. This is a great way to interact with your customers, and have them visit your business location. It is likely that they’ll appreciate the gesture and visit your location again in the future.

After reading this post, we hope you’re ready to try some of these Halloween business ideas! As a retail business owner you’re a part of an industry that can profit from this holiday, so take advantage of it. Your patrons will appreciate your festive additions, and it will give you another way to show off your brand, and reflect your creativity. Did we miss any Halloween business ideas? Share your tips in the comment section below!

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