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5 Helpful Tips for Single Parents Entrepreneurs
March 21, 2018

5 Helpful Tips for Single Parents Entrepreneurs

Happy National Single Parents Day! As a single parent and business owner, you’re likely accustomed to handling it all. From carpool drop off to board meetings, you juggle a myriad of responsibilities. Still, there are probably times when you get burned out and feel like you’re letting people down at home or at work. This is normal, and other single parents who also double as entrepreneurs echo your sentiments.

To successfully manage these two roles, we’ve compiled a list of five tips that you can integrate in your day-to-day life. Although being a single parent that owns a small business isn’t easy, by adapting healthy, productive habits you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary stress.

How to Manage Your Parental and Business Responsibilities

1. Get Organized

Have you ever been guilty of double booking yourself for a business responsibility and an event for your child? If so, you’ve probably scrambled to attend both appointments, or even worse, had to choose one commitment over the other.

To avoid mishaps like this, make organization an integral part of your daily life. Determine realistic ways to track your business and personal obligations, such as on your smartphone’s calendar, or a written planner. Ensure that you consistently update your agenda, and keep track of your parental and entrepreneurial responsibilities. At the end of every day, review your calendar and confirm your obligations for the following day. That way, you won’t be bombarded by a double booking, or be unprepared for anything relating to your children or business.

2. Make Time for Yourself

After a long day of helping your kids with homework, paying bills, and handling customer inquiries, you’re probably exhausted. Understandably, your to-do-list is likely a mile long.

Even when you’d like to get a few more items checked off your list, we recommend scheduling some down-time. Whether it’s hitting the gym, trying a new hobby, or reading a good book, you’ll feel rejuvenated after investing in yourself.

3. Know When to Say “No”

It might seem admirable to take on everything that is asked of you, but you’re probably overwhelming yourself. If you’re spread too thin, you can’t be as effective in your job, or with your kids. Due to this, you should say “no” when necessary. If something isn’t benefiting your business, or isn’t absolutely necessary for your children, learn to prioritize and say “no” or “not right now.”

4. Network with Fellow Single Parents

It can be challenging for other people to understand the pressure that you might feel as a single parent and business owner. Due to this, you should network with other single parents who are familiar with the trials that come with raising children while running a business. There could be local support groups, or you could turn to online communities. Regardless of the avenue you pursue, you’ll benefit from having connections with individuals who face the same challenges that you do.

5. Learn to Delegate

It might be tempting to handle everything yourself, but fight the urge by allotting tasks to people you trust. In your personal life, don’t be afraid to ask a parent or sibling to watch your child, or hire a babysitter. When managing your business responsibilities, make sure that you delegate jobs to your employees when possible.

On National Single Parents Day, take time to reflect on your roles as a parent and business owner. How can you improve? What steps can you take to live a happier, low-stress life? After reading the tips featured in this post, we hope you’re able to make small changes that will benefit your small business and family life.

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