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How to Register for Business Listings
July 24, 2018

How to Register for Business Listings

Your business won’t succeed if no one can find it, and that doesn’t just mean getting a great central location. You’ll need to grow your business’s online presence, since it’s a footprint for customers to follow back to you. Establishing an online presence is critical for any business, new or old.

One prominent way to expand your business’s online presence is to sign up for business listings. This might sound intimidating, but don’t fret – business listings aren’t an exclusive club. All you need is a little tech savviness, dedication to research and the motivation to fill out profiles on various listing sites. It’s worth it though, because the benefits of showing up in online business listings are fantastic. Keep reading determine how to find the right business listings, register for them, and in turn reap the benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Business Listings?

When you’re listed in a top-notch business directory, you’ll greatly increase the number of people who find out about your business. First, you’ll improve your ranking on important search engines, so locals can find your website with ease.

In addition, online business listings are usually free to sign up for, which can help you save your marketing budget for other projects. Not only will you reach an exponentially larger audience with business listings, in most cases you’ll do it without dropping a dime. Having business listings will enable you to fine tune the traffic that visits your website. For example, people searching Google for hot water heaters won’t be clicking on your pool management company website if it pops up. By tailoring your audience, you’ll make sure only interested parties find your page.

Finally, an online business listing provides a fast link between you and your customers. You’ll be able to communicate with potential clients, collect testimonials, and market your business as a trusted brand.

What Should I Include in My Listing?

When registering for listings, you’ll need to include critical information in your listing, but be sure to keep it brief. Consider questions that potential customers might have about your business. For example, if you have late hours on Thursday or a sale taking place Labor Day weekend, make sure that information is included.

In addition, you’ll need to include your address, website URL, hours of operation, common directions, just to name a few examples. Ultimately, though, what really can set your business apart is showing what you do. If you have a restaurant, be sure to include photos of your fanciest steak or wine selections. Use pictures of your office, products, happy employees, or anything else that seems relevant. The saying “a picture is worth 1000 words” holds true, so make you use images to attract customers.

The Best Places to List Your Business

If you want to get online exposure for your business, start with the most prominent listing sites. You know them, you use them daily, but did you know they can also work for your business? As far as big online directories go, these are the ones you should register for:

  • Google – It’s the largest search engine on the planet, so your business needs to be on it. Looking to supercharge your Google business listing? Check out these optimization steps.
  • Yelp – One of the world’s largest online directories, Yelp will allow you to generate reviews and provide users with more information about your business.
  • Bing – Microsoft also has a business directory; Bing Places has an easy three-step process to get your company listed.
  • Facebook – The largest social media platform, Facebook, offers numerous ways to promote your business. With Facebook Business, you’ll be able to market your business and add information that will help customers learn more about your offerings.

Web directories like this are massive, and sometimes it can be difficult to stand out. For example, if you have a casual restaurant, Google might not move the needle, because there are so many other restaurants listed. Luckily, there are business listings for specific industries. So, if you want to promote your restaurant, you can list your business on apps like OpenTable, and guides such as Zagat and Zomato list. This is just one example, so regardless of your business’s industry, there will be listing sites that are specific to your type of business.

Customers aren’t the only people looking for your business. In fact, other businesses might need the services that you provide. For example, sites like Equifax, Experian, and MangoB2B have directories where industry leaders can find B2B services.

Signing up for business listings can be tedious, but it’s a necessary step for any new company to make. You’ll increase the number of eyeballs viewing your products and connect with customers on a personal level. So, set aside a couple hours this week and register your business for relevant business listings. You’ll thank yourself for it when new clients start pouring in!

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