December 11, 2017

How to Market Your Woman-Owned Business

Still, even if your business is up-and-running, the hard work doesn’t end there. It is imperative that that you strategically market your business’s products or services. What you might not realize, is that you can advertise the fact that your business is women-owned. Many people look for ways that they can support women-owned businesses – so spread the word about yours! In this post, we’ll explain four ways that you can market your woman-owned business and in-turn gain additional sales!

3 Ways to Market a Woman-Owned Business:

1. Tell Your Business's Story

To market your business, you should strive to connect with your customers. One way to do this is to share your business’s journey with them. You can do this on your business’s website, social media channels, and printed marketing materials. Provide insight into your entrepreneurial journey and show how your business has grown. Giving your existing and future customers insight into your passion for whatever your services or products are will hopefully lead them to become loyal customers.

2. Partner With Other Woman-Owned Businesses

By joining forces with other woman-owned businesses, you can expand your customer base, and make new friends along the way! These partnerships should be mutually beneficial, and enable all businesses involved to market their products or services. For instance, you could market each other’s businesses on social media, co-host a customer appreciation event, or split the cost of an advertising package in a local publication. By collaborating with other women-owned businesses, you’ll have another marketing opportunity, and can network with fellow entrepreneurs!

3. Get Social

Target women on social media who will appreciate shopping at a woman-owned business. You can do this by creating sponsored social media posts on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, in which you target women in your geographical area. That way, your content will be seen by women who could be interested in your business, and they’ll have the information they need to make an informed purchase.

4. Start a Blog

By creating a blog for your woman-owned business, you can write content that resonates with women who are interested in your industry. Starting a blog takes significant work; you must design the blog, brainstorm post ideas, write and edit the content, find relevant graphics, and promote the posts on social media. Still, if you can make your blog a success, you’ll be able to further promote your business through this medium.

Conclusion: Invest in Your Woman-Owned Business!

Growing your woman-owned business can be challenging, but by marketing your business tactically through the efforts mentioned in this post, you’ll be able to flourish! If your woman-owned business has marketing tips to share, let us know in the comment section below.