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Warmer Weather Predictions for Construction
April 17, 2014

Warmer Weather Predictions for Construction

After one of the coldest winters in history, construction businesses are ready to get back to work. With warmer weather also brings steady income and frequent jobs for construction companies, which is must needed after the slow season that is brought on by uncontrollable factors like freezing temperatures and winter storms.

March brought us some warmer weather and an increase in the job market, particularly in the construction and manufacturing industries. The low temperatures from the winter were responsible for the shutdown of several factories and construction sites all across the country. These shutdowns are primarily responsible for a slow employment rate in the construction industry this past winter.

For many construction companies, the months that lie ahead may be the defining moment for how their companies will fare in the year 2014.

In the month of February the construction industry added 14,000 new jobs which were down 26,000 from the previous year. Economists are blaming the harsh temperatures and delays on jobs for the dip in employment. Overall, given the weather that was experienced this winter many experts believe the dip could have been much worse. Now that we are beginning to see April temperatures there is hope that jobs will increase steadily.

One of the hardest aspects of being in the construction industry is that the weather is uncontrollable and unpredictable. You may have several jobs lined up but if the ground freezes, or harsh snowstorms hit, this will undoubtedly throw a wrench in getting the work done! All that can be done now is to hope that the spring months bring good weather and new opportunities for the construction and manufacturing job markets.

For many construction companies, the months that lie ahead may be the defining moment for how their companies will fare in the year 2014.

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