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How to Run a Bakery Business That Succeeds
December 12, 2016

How to Run a Bakery Business That Succeeds

Do you run a small bakery business, and want to out-sell your local supermarket’s bakery section? Maybe you want to expand your menu, but aren’t sure where to start. We have five tips to help!

It can be a challenge to make consistent sales, which is why we’re sharing our suggestions on how to run a bakery that is financially responsible and has original items that patrons will love.

5 Ways to Invest in Your Small Bakery Business:

1. Add delivery and ordering services

People appreciate convenience, so make purchasing items from your bakery a seamless experience. In order to do this, you could add online ordering capabilities to your website, or hire a transportation service to deliver items to nearby patrons. Having a budget and business plan for a bakery is necessary, so consider whether or not you have the cash on-hand to pay for these integrations.

2. Customize your menu

If you want to stand out against competitors, you’ll need to go above and beyond. Don’t just stick to the status quo; try to develop items on your menu that are specific to your bakery. Offering classics is great, but you should have treats on your menu that customers won’t be able to get elsewhere.

3. Hold occasional sales

Offer sales that will make customers rush to your bakery for their sugar fix! During the holiday season, give customers a discount, hold sales on particular items or offer free delivery. In order to offer sales, it doesn’t have to be a holiday, though. You can market a campaign and hold a sale at any time of the year! Giving customers discounts, or even starting a loyalty program, will show that you appreciate their patronage.

4. Cater local events

Make connections in your community by catering local events with your various baked goods. If the attendees appreciate your items, they may order from your bakery in the future. Plus, catering jobs can be a great way to make some extra sales!

If there are non-profit organizations that you are interested in getting involved with, why not provide baked goods for one of their events for a discounted price! This is a charitable way to give back to your community, while still growing your small business.

5. Boost marketing efforts

Inform as many people as possible about your bakery! There are so many creative ways that you can market your business. Post pictures of finished cakes on Instagram, advertise sales in local publications or target online ads to people in your area. The more that you spread the word about your business, the better!


Have fun while running your bakery business – and customers will take notice! With these tips, you’ll be able to learn how to run a bakery that makes consistent sales from sweet items that stand out against neighboring bakeries. If you have additional tips on how to run a bakery, leave them in the comment section below!

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