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6 Restaurant Tips for Super Bowl Sunday
February 04, 2016

6 Restaurant Tips for Super Bowl Sunday

Ready to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday at your restaurant? If not, these tips will help you get prepared to serve customers during the biggest football game of the year.

Your small business may not be amongst the marketing giants advertised on Super Bowl commercials, but that doesn’t mean you can’t gain sales from this year’s big game. The restaurant industry can benefit from celebrating Super Bowl Sunday, and preparing to serve hungry customers ready for a day of football. With these Super Bowl marketing ideas, your restaurant will stand out to customers.

How Your Restaurant Can Make Sales on Super Bowl Sunday

1. Offer Take-out

Understandably, many of your patrons will want to be at home, in front of their televisions during Super Bowl Sunday. That doesn’t mean that you’ll lose their business! Advertise in-store, on your website and social media channels that your restaurant will be offering special take-out deals during the Super Bowl. Many people host parties, so take-out and delivery catering services will also be appreciated. When it comes to Super Bowl Sunday for small businesses, the extra effort will provide favorable results.

2. Create an Exciting In-House Experience

Putting focus on take-out and delivery services during the Super Bowl is smart, but don’t forget about the patrons visiting your establishment during the game! Create a relaxed, fun environment for customers dining at your restaurant on Super Bowl Sunday. Of course, have televisions ready to show the game. In addition, decorate your space and make sure that both teams are well-represented – nobody likes an angry football fan!

3. Advertise Coupons

People want to eat well on Super Bowl Sunday, but they will also be enticed by saving money. Offering special discounts and coupons is another way to gain more customers during Super Bowl Sunday. Whether your restaurant uses mobile coupons or printed copies, giving customers these vouchers will give them another reason to visit your restaurant instead of a competing establishment.

4. Provide Special Catering Menus

Even if your establishment doesn’t serve traditional ‘football foods,’ that doesn’t mean you can’t improvise your menu in honor of the Super Bowl! Serve Super Bowl staples like wings, pizza and other appetizers if your kitchen staff is already experienced with cooking these items. If your restaurant doesn’t serve this type of cuisine, make sure your most ordered dishes are on your catering menu for the day.

5. Invest in Marketing Efforts

No one is going to know about your Super Bowl Sunday options if you don’t market them well! There are numerous restaurant marketing tips that your business can utilize during Super Bowl Sunday, regardless of your budget. Advertise on your social media platforms, send out an email newsletter and create marketing collateral you can use in your restaurant. With super bowl marketing ideas, you’ll be able to attract more customers, so the more you market, the better!

6. Host Social Media Contests

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest athletic contests of the year, and in honor of this, hold a healthy competition between your customers. Post a trivia question on social media and reward the first person with the correct answer, or pick a winner at random for liking your photo or post about the Super Bowl. A great way to get to know your customers is to hold a Super Bowl pool, and the only way to enter is to watch the game at your restaurant. Your business can give away an exciting prize, and create some loyal new customers!

With these super bowl marketing ideas, your establishment will be the go-to spot this year! Super Bowl Sunday for small businesses can be a very successful day, so take advantage of the football frenzy.

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