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6 Creative Ways Your Restaurant Can Use Twitter
April 27, 2018

6 Creative Ways Your Restaurant Can Use Twitter

As a restaurant owner, you probably try to brainstorm new marketing methods, especially if sales have slowed down, or you want to attract more customers.

If you haven’t tried it already, you should consider utilizing Twitter to promote your restaurant. Twitter has numerous benefits; it’s a user-friendly platform, can allow you to make new connections, and share content that is relevant to your audience, just to name a few examples. When promoting your restaurant, you can use Twitter to give patrons exclusive offers, or advertise upcoming promotions. In this blog post, we’ll list a few different ways to use your Twitter account to increase your restaurant’s sales!

1. Share Menu Photos

Entice your Twitter followers to check out your restaurant’s menu by sharing photos of your menu. In addition, you should retweet any photos that your customers share. Your Twitter followers will probably be more likely to visit your establishment when they see photos and comments from happy patrons. Knowing that other diners have enjoyed your restaurant will give them confidence in you!

2. Utilize Hashtags

If you want to reach nearby patrons, include hashtags in tweets about your restaurant. You can use hashtags related to your geographic area, food cuisine, restaurant name, and anything else applicable. Of course, hashtags aren’t something that you should abuse. A few simple hashtags will help you expand your reach, and hopefully gain more attention.

Another way to utilize hashtags is to create your own! Come up with clever hashtags that reflect your restaurant’s brand, or any special campaigns that you’re running. For instance, if your restaurant is hosting a summer happy hour, create a hashtag so that Twitter followers can click on it and see what you and other accounts are saying about this special.

3.  Advertise Coupons and Exclusive Deals

Twitter users will want to follow your restaurant if there are clear benefits to it. One way to do this is to provide followers with exclusive coupons, giveaways, and other perks, so that they’ll be more likely to visit your establishment. Ultimately, you can gain more followers and in turn additional customers simply by making your Twitter an account that rewards its followers.

4. Follow the Locals

A tactic that many restaurateurs try on Twitter is following patrons in their area. These people will be curious about their most recent follower, and will then likely be prompted to check out your restaurant’s Twitter profile. This will ensure that you’re on their radar, and could convince them to try your restaurant.

5. Make it a Customer Service Tool

Many business owners associate Twitter with marketing, but don’t consider how it can benefit their operations in other areas. For example, you can incorporate Twitter into your customer service efforts. In fact, 67 percent of consumers say that they utilize social media platforms like Twitter when they have issues. So, when you use Twitter for your restaurant, make sure that you respond to customer questions, complaints, and any other feedback you receive. This could save you time conducting customer service through other mediums, and help you retain more patrons in the process.

6. Promote a Local Cause

If you want to advertise your restaurant while contributing to your community, try promoting a local charity on your Twitter account. For instance, you could partner with an organization to host a fundraiser at your restaurant, and post pictures from it on Twitter. Or, you can offer a special and if patrons order it, the proceeds will go to that organization’s cause. By marketing your restaurant’s charitable affiliations, you’ll show your customers that you care about your community!

Using Twitter to Benefit Your Restaurant

We hope that these tips have helped inspire you to improve your restaurant’s Twitter account and try new strategies. If you’re a restaurant owner who uses Twitter to increase sales, connect with customers, or achieve other goals, tell us about it in the comment section below.

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