December 02, 2022

Our New Design: The Look of Things to Come

Notice something different around here? Welcome to the new We've designed this site to provide even faster, easier and more personalized service than before, whether you're applying for the first time, renewing your funding, or keeping up on the latest small business finance topics.

" is the public face of an extensive rebrand. It renews and expands on our mission to provide America's small businesses with the working capital they need to grow and succeed." says President Andrew Gutman. The rebrand includes:

  • A new logo and bold brand identity

  • Increased staffing and more specialized training for Capital Specialists, Underwriters, and Account Specialist teams

  • Fortress™, a significant upgrade to our already cutting-edge application and transaction processing technology platform that speeds application and decision times

The logo tells the story

Our colorful new logo shows two arrows, one green, one blue, representing Fora Financial and its customers respectively. These overlapping arrows represent the close relationships we've built, one transaction at a time, with our small business family.

Let's talk, one on one

Behind our new look, we're making tons of operational refinements. Fora Financial's Capital Specialists are doubling down on their collaborations with customers to build creative, innovative funding solutions. Specialized training fosters more personal discussions with customers, resulting in more creative and personalized funding solutions. Capital Specialists can design a funding program for most any business type or use.

Building long-term relationships

Most Fora Financial applicants get a decision in 4 hours or less, and funding withing 72 hours. Once funding is completed, Account Specialists are always available to answer questions and assist with current or future transactions — a unique service we're especially proud of.

These advances are making us faster and easier to use. We've significantly decreased the waiting time on application decisions, while building long-term relationships with our customers.

Take some time to browse the site — and let us know what you think. We're vested in your success and each of these improvements reflects that commitment.