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The Top Technology-Focused Cyber Monday Tips
November 18, 2016

The Top Technology-Focused Cyber Monday Tips

For retail businesses, Cyber Monday can provide the opportunity to gain an influx of sales from online customers. Maybe your business is solely online, or you have both an online and brick and mortar location. Regardless, offering small business Cyber Monday deals can ensure that you generate extra sales before the end-of-the-year.

In this post, we’ll offer technology-related Cyber Monday tips that will help your business make the most of this busy online shopping day.

Even if you didn’t have time to organize cyber Monday deals this year, these are still valuable tips to take into consideration. Make it an initiative for the New Year to invest in technology, optimize your website for customer engagement and introduce Cyber Monday deals next year.

5 Cyber Monday Tips for Business Owners

1. Increase Cyber Security

Since your business’s website will likely receive extra traffic on Cyber Monday, your online security should be a top priority. Make sure that all necessary software has been updated, and that you’re not at risk for any hacks on Cyber Monday. Taking the time to look into these matters will give you peace of mind going forward.

2. Update Ordering Systems

There is nothing worse than a customer trying to purchase something on your website, and then not being able to because your website’s server crashes. More than likely, they will give up and try and buy a similar product elsewhere. Don’t lose business because your website isn’t able to handle a large amount of checkouts at once! Before Cyber Monday shopping begins, verify that ordering systems are up-to-date and can handle traffic.

3. Offer Online Customer Service

Your customers should have multiple convenient, reliable ways to contact your business during the Cyber Monday rush. Whether it is a chat box on your website, email address, social media platform, or a CRM service, these shoppers may have questions during their shopping experience. Answer them promptly by checking each one of your online communication options frequently throughout the day.

4. Have Ample Staff Members

You’ll need all the help you can get on Cyber Monday. When customers are doing their Cyber Monday shopping, they may have questions about the inventory you’re selling. You’ll need employees to handle online customer communications, in addition to troubleshooting issues on your website, and updating inventory lists. Ensure that you have as much help as possible, so that you don’t fall behind on this busy day.

5. Always Have a Back Up Plan

Unfortunately, sometimes technology fails us. That’s why it is important to have a backup plan in place. Whether it is a website crash, a sold out item, or an influx of complaints from customers; you’ll need to be ready to resolve any issues that arise on Cyber Monday. If you have an employee devoted to IT, make sure that you discuss possible outcomes with them. This way, you will both be prepared to handle any technical glitches, and it hopefully won’t affect your small business’s cyber Monday!

We hope that these Cyber Monday tips will help your small business take advantage of this big shopping event. Many people save their holiday shopping for Cyber Monday, in hopes of finding big deals and must-have inventory. By updating your business’s technology, you’ll have a stress-free Cyber Monday, and you’ll see a big boost in revenue! Have some Cyber Monday tips of your own? Let us know in the comment section!

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