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Review of Visa’s Business Credit Card Options
May 29, 2018

Review of Visa’s Business Credit Card Options

With over 323 million cardholders, Visa is currently the largest credit card provider in the United States. The company offers numerous cards that are designed to satisfy the needs of both small and large businesses.

While some cards focus on offering specific financial management features, other cards emphasize unique perks. The credit card option that will be best for your business will depend on your current financial needs, long-term goals, and your ability to qualify.

Visa Business Credit Card

Visa’s Business Credit Card is straightforward, easy to apply for, and offers cardholders discounts on select business expenses. These discounts include reduced rates at hotels such as LaQuinta, Wyndham, Howard Johnson, and Travelodge. They also include certain dining and entertainment partnerships, electronics companies, and various business solutions.

In addition, the Visa Business Credit Card makes it simple to keep your business and personal expenses separated. Other major points of convenience include online payments, bill management, and various tracking tools.

Visa Signature Business Card

Visa’s Signature Business Card is the most comprehensive of Visa’s business cards and offers the widest range of benefits. When compared to the other options available, the Signature card offers all the special cardholder discounts, in addition to concierge services, lost luggage reimbursement, roadside dispatch, and travel accident insurance.

Because of the discounts on hotels and the numerous benefits offered to travelers, the Visa Signature Business Card is often used by business owners that are frequently on-the-go. Additionally, with this card you can easily manage your finances from your laptop and phone, which can help you  run your business in a more convenient manner.

Visa Payroll Card

The Visa Payroll Card is an alternative form of payment that can help you avoid many of the expenses associated with payroll-processing. Payments are made directly to your employees (the cardholders) who will then have the option to spend it wherever Visa cards are accepted.

With the payroll car, you can eliminate the cost of check printing, processing, and various payroll fees. Also, the Payroll Card offers secure and efficient online payments that your employees can use for paying their bills and making other purchases.

Visa Business Debit Card

The Visa Business Debit Card offers many of the same cardholder benefits as the credit card options. With the Visa debit card, you can make purchases quickly and easily with the funds that are already in your account. The card draws directly from your checking account and is accepted everywhere that uses Visa services.

The debit card is useful for businesses that don’t want to pay the interest expenses associated with credit cards, but still want to have a way to easily make payments online. It also offers cardholders the option to make unlimited deposits at select ATMs.

Other Benefits

There’s a reason that Visa is the largest credit card provider in the United States –the company works diligently to provide cardholders with new benefits that many smaller companies are unable to offer. These benefits include lost or stolen card reporting, emergency card replacement, auto rental collision damage waivers, and other advantages. Ultimately, Visa’s zero-liability business cards make it possible for you to remain protected, no matter what sorts of situations may arise.


The interest rates you’ll pay on a Visa business card depends on the policies of the financial institution that issues the card. With the numerous discounts, security features, and convenience features offered by Visa, there is likely a card that can help your business achieve its goals.

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