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5 Business Security Measures to Take for Your Location
October 23, 2017

5 Business Security Measures to Take for Your Location

Nearly anyone who owns a successful business will agree that keeping your business location secure is a top priority. From burglaries and break-ins that can lead to property damage and loss of goods, to simple shoplifting and petty theft, following proper business security measures is important.

If you aren’t confident in your current security plan, check out our list of five business security measures for your physical location that you should put into practice.

The Top 5 Business Security Measures to Take:

Measure #1: Invest in a Building Security System

Small business security systems that protect your establishment are essential. From door alarms and motion sensors that keep perimeter openings and spaces secure, to security cameras that monitor activity, there are many options to choose from.

The best type of system, though, is one that will work well for your business’s specific needs. Most alarm providers will be happy to meet with you to discuss options, and should conduct site visits so that they understand the layout of your location. These meetings take time, but they can be very beneficial to your decision-making process. Often, the security company will point out weaknesses in existing systems or see areas where extra security is needed that you hadn’t considered.

Understandably, many business owners try to avoid working with a security company due to the cost. Although we respect your quest to save money, this should not be an area that you cut costs on. If you’re unable to afford a security system, it may be beneficial to apply for a small business loan. That way, you’ll have funds to put towards securing your business’s physical location.

Measure #2: Employee Education & Training

While a building security system is a great start, it is key that employees, vendors, staff and contractors are properly trained on business security measures as well. Having a standard protocol for opening and closing your location, guidelines for handling and securing money and inventory and designating a point-of-contact for reporting suspicious behaviors are all necessary. Ultimately, training your employees on security matters will help keep people and inventory secure.

Measure #3: Perform Frequent Security Audits

One thing that many business owners overlook when it comes to their small business security systems is the importance of performing frequent security audits. Like financial audits, a security audit allows your security company to assess the safety of your property and look for any vulnerabilities. If any concerns are found, then changes will be recommended to correct the situation. By performing these security audits regularly, your business will be aware of possible threats and will receive suggestions on how to be safe moving forward.

Measure #4: Stay Up to Date on Maintenance

You might not realize it, but maintaining your business location can be a great crime deterrent. If people see that your business’s location is well-preserved, they’ll know that it will be more difficult to break-in. Make sure that you change light bulbs and repair broken light fixtures, fix door locks as soon as they break and frequently trim plants that obstruct security cameras and other views. These simple tasks can help contribute to your goal of creating a safe business location.

Measure #5: Have Strong Communication Strategies

Last, but not least, a great way to protect your business’s physical location is having a strategy in place that allows for easy and prompt communication between you, your staff and security company. If you have a front reception or check-in area, that attendant should be able to interact with back office staff at the touch of a button if needed. By training your employees to comply with security strategies, you’ll lessen the likelihood of an issue.

Conclusion: Make Your Small Business’s Security a Priority

Protecting your physical business location is not always easy, but it is a necessary activity that shouldn’t be neglected. By implementing some or all of these procedures, your business will be better equipped to handle whatever comes your way in terms of physical security breaches and challenges.

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