September 11, 2018

5 Ways a Graphic Designer Can Improve Your Business’s Brand

Graphic design means more than just a logo and business cards. You can develop a lasting brand image with a great website and enticing advertising materials. A graphic designer brings an outside perspective and specialized skills to the table, plus a determination to do great work to advance their own personal portfolio. It’s a symbiotic relationship where both parties can benefit. In this post, we’ll review five ways a graphic designer can improve your company’s brand.}

How a Graphic Designer Can Improve Your Brand

1. They Can Create a Long-Term Brand Image

Consider some of the most memorable marketing images you’ve seen. There’s Home Depot, who's signs and logos are always orange, like a construction site. CVS has a big red font that makes you think of medical buildings, while the Apple logo is sleek and instantly recognizable, despite many changes over the years. With the help of a graphic designer, you can develop a unique brand that stands out, but remains simple enough to be identified immediately. Plus, you can have a little fun with it too. Ever notice the arrow in the FedEx logo?

2. They'll Ensure Your Brand is Consistent 

Another responsibility of your graphic designer will be to keep your brand uniform and reflective of your company’s mission. For example, if you’re constantly changing fonts and color schemes, it’s difficult to present yourself as a unified business. A graphic designer will ensure that your logo, marketing materials, and website have the same look so customers can easily recognize your company.

 3. They Can Work on a Variety of Projects

There’s so much more to graphic design that just crafting fonts and logos. A graphic designer can create a user-friendly website, social media  images, or sales brochures. You’ll get a new perspective on a numerous projects, something you won’t have if you make your designs in-house or hire a company that only works on specific types of graphics. Ultimately, a graphic designer can remold the perception of your company and help you better connect with customers. In fact, connecting with customers is a big part of our next point.

4. They'll Help Increase Sales

A good graphic designer can put more money in your pocket by creating appealing and user-friendly materials. For instance, if your company wants to increase online sales, but your website is slow to load and crashes when customers enter their information –  you’re losing business! Luckily, your graphic designer can create a slick website with mobile compatibility, which can greatly enhance your sales.

5. They'll Be Professional and Hardworking

Graphic designers take pride in their work. What you might consider a few pictures and type settings is a life and career for a designer. Due to this, you can expect a graphic designer to bring out the best in your company. They want to build up their reputation as well, so you won’t get sloppy work or tired imagery. If you try to handle graphic design yourself, you could wind up with cartoonish materials, but a graphic designer will give your business a professional appearance that garners respect in your industry.

Ready to Hire a Graphic Designer for Business Branding?

Hiring a graphic designer might seem like an unnecessary exercise, but they bring a certain set of skills that you’ll need when boosting your brand. A brand image must be consistent and appealing. The slightest change in font or color can completely change the emotions of potential customers. You want a professional style, so why not hire a professional?