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National Nutrition Month Tips for Restaurant Owners
March 10, 2016

National Nutrition Month Tips for Restaurant Owners

March 10, 2016
March is National Nutrition Month, and that means your restaurant should take notes! Although your customers want delicious food, it is important to provide them with options that have beneficial ingredients.

Many restaurant-goers treat themselves when they eat out, but by providing them with healthy options that are still delicious, they’ll get the best of both worlds. Start celebrating National Nutrition Month by checking out our restaurant nutrition tips!

1. Make ingredient swaps – Collaborate with your cooking staff to make healthy changes to your menu. These can be simple, like using low fat milk and butter in recipes, or adding more vegetables to entrees that are currently starch based. Making these modifications doesn’t mean you have to overhaul your entire menu, simply make small changes and you’ll be feeding your customers healthier products.

2. Provide calorie and ingredient details – Customers who are trying to make healthier choices will be grateful to see calorie and ingredient information on your menu. People like to know what they are putting in their bodies, so including these facts could benefit your restaurant. For individuals who are very particular about what they are consuming, this will be especially appreciated, so this is one of the restaurant nutrition tips to consider. Of course, it takes work to compile a list of nutritional facts for each entree on your menu, but with the help of a nutritionist or culinary professional, it’ll be a worthwhile project.

3. Dietary-specific menu items – Providing patrons with allergies or restricted diets options to eat at your restaurant will be much-appreciated. Adding gluten-free, sugar-free, vegetarian and other diet-focused menu items will diversify your menu, and allow more customers to eat at your establishment. When adding options for individuals with restricted diets or allergies, make sure that you train your staff to deal with these accommodations. Amongst the many restaurant management tips that you can follow, ensuring that all of your customers can find something to eat, regardless of their diet, is immensely important.

4. Create balance – You can’t force patrons to eat healthier, but you can offer them options. For restaurant-goers that want to eat healthy, add more vegetable-based sides, while still keeping choices for those who want to indulge. Having a mix of both health conscious items and meals that aren’t as nutritious will give patrons a selection to choose from, depending on how strict they are with their diets that day!

While some people may think of eating healthy as a chore, providing your body with the proper nutrients is immensely important. Due to this, consider celebrating National Nutrition Month and start brainstorming ways that your restaurant can provide healthier meals to your customers. Restaurant nutrition is important, so feed your customers well!

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