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How to Make Your Restaurant Gluten-Free Friendly
November 02, 2018

How to Make Your Restaurant Gluten-Free Friendly

Did you know that around 3.1 million people nationwide follow a gluten-free diet? Due to this, more and more restaurants are adding gluten-free options to their menus. It’s crucial that you accommodate as many patrons as possible, and one way to accomplish this is to ensure that you’re providing options to customers who have dietary restrictions.

In honor of Gluten-Free Awareness Month, we’re providing suggestions for restaurant owners like you that want to start adding gluten-free options to their establishment’s menus. Keep reading to find out how you can do this in easy, cost-effective ways that your customers will appreciate!

4 Tips for Offering Gluten-Free Dishes at Your Restaurant

1. Offer Gluten-Free Alternatives

Does your restaurant have gluten-heavy options on your menu that are crowd pleasers? Why not come up with gluten-free alternatives to these items! For instance, patrons can swap regular pasta for gluten-free pasta, or eat a popular sandwich on gluten-free bread or in a lettuce wrap. By giving people who follow gluten-free diets the opportunity to try your restaurant’s best dishes (modified, sans gluten), they won’t feel like they’re missing out!

2. Advertise Your Gluten Free Options

Once you add gluten-free options to your menu, make sure that patrons know about it! Publish your updated menu online, share it on your business’s Yelp page, and share photos on social media of gluten-free dishes. The more that you advertise that your business is gluten-free friendly, the more likely that patrons with dietary restrictions will want to visit your restaurant.

3. Practice Kitchen Safety

If people have Celiac Disease or are gluten-intolerant, it’s crucial that their food isn’t mixed with gluten. Some people can get extremely ill from even consuming food that was cooked in the same pan as gluten ingredients, so it’s crucial that you train your staff to cook accordingly. Consider offering a gluten-free training course, in which your chefs learn how to follow safety guidelines that won’t put gluten-free patrons at risk of consuming gluten. The more training that your staff has, the better they’ll be at keeping your kitchen a safe place for all patrons to eat from.

4. Ask Customers for Feedback

If you’re committed to adding gluten-free options to your restaurant’s menu, you should ask for and consider customer feedback. Ask your gluten-free patrons about the types of meals they want to see on your menu. See if they have any particular insights on what they wish restaurants did differently when it comes to offering gluten-free options. You can ask them by sending out a questionnaire to your email list, posting polls on social media, or simply striking up conversation with patrons that order gluten-free dishes from your establishment.

Having this information will allow you to ensure that you’re using your restaurant’s money correctly and investing in ingredients and dishes that your customers actually want to eat!


Now that we’ve reviewed these four tips for incorporating gluten-free dishes into your restaurant’s menu, it’s time for you to get to work! It can seem overwhelming when you consider all the different dietary restrictions that people have but offering gluten-free alternatives is a good place to start.

If your restaurant offers gluten-free dishes, share your tips with us in the comment section below!

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