A Fitness Entrepreneur Pumps Up the Volume

Revenue Advance helps PR Wraps add muscle to a growing venture.

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After two years in business, Miami-based PR Wraps was a success. This venture, founded by Ismael Lopez, manufactures joint stabilization wraps for competitive and recreational athletes – everyone from Olympians to weekend warriors.

When Ismael needed additional financing to update his equipment and grow the business beyond a regional market, a friend recommended Fora Financial, and he seized the opportunity. “The speed of the application and approval process was amazing,” he recalls. “I received funding when the time was just right to scale my business,” says Ismael. His first Revenue Advance supported an expansion of his manufacturing and sales operations. Since 2014, he’s applied for and received four additional advances.

Thanks to Fora Financial, PR Wraps stays competitive as it helps its customers compete, too.

I received funding when the time was just right to scale my business.

Ismael Lopez

Founder, PR Wraps, Miami, FL

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