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“Fora Financial provides better banking in general.”
- Ismael Lopez, Owner

A Good Sport

Owned and operated by Ismael Lopez, PR Wraps provides joint stabilizing straps for athletes and active individuals in Miami, Florida. Designed for everyone from Olympic weightlifters and gymnasts to weekend warriors, this recreation business gives clients the confidence to perform without injury so that they can reach their physical goals.

A Growing Recreation Business

As a motivated small business owner, Ismael Lopez has consistently developed PR Wraps since its inception. In addition to expanding PR Wraps, Ismael owns CrossFit gyms throughout South Florida. Although PR Wraps was proving to be a great success, Ismael found himself in need of additional business financing for updated equipment and facility space. Luckily, a fellow entrepreneur recommended Fora Financial’s working capital products. With little paperwork and a fast approval process, Ismael was surprised at how quickly he received additional financing for his business. Ismael is thankful that his friend recommended Fora Financial, since it has allowed him to improve his overall operations.

Carrying the Weight

Since then, Ismael has received multiple rounds of financing from Fora Financial for PR Wraps and his other business ventures. He knows that when he needs money to invest in PR Wraps’s future, Fora Financial will be there to quickly assist him.

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