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“We couldn’t do it without the help of Fora Financial, and the people there are just tremendous. I highly recommend the financing program to anyone that needs it.”
- John Bogonis, Owner

The Startup

John Bogonis started Carlisle Bakery in Carlisle, PA in 2012. This bakery business offers a wide variety of dessert specialties, including white chocolate mousse and biscotti, which are famous in the area. Completely paying for everything out of his own pocket, John thought he had the startup thing down, and he did well for a while. A little over a year after opening his bakery business, John quickly discovered that there are a lot of unexpected issues that can arise when running a full-time business. As the bakery began to grow, so did the bills, such as payroll, tax, insurance and the need to upgrade equipment.

A Piece of Mail

Unable to serve all the customers he was gaining, it was time to invest in a walk-in freezer. Unfortunately, John didn’t have enough money to purchase the walk-in freezer. He was interested in receiving additional working capital, but knew that few places would take a new business seriously.

One day a piece of mail from Fora Financial came across the counter of John’s bakery business. The piece of mail detailed Fora Financial’s ability to offer quick and easy financial support. It was enough to pique John’s interest, and he was pleasantly surprised by the customer service he received. What surprised John even more was that Fora Financial could offer him the exact working capital solution he needed.

New Hope

John used the loan he received to purchase that much-needed walk in freezer. The payback process was painless for John, and he appreciated having access to Fora Financial’s convenient technology to monitor his progress. Now, John doesn’t have to be afraid about the future of his business because he has peace of mind thanks to Fora Financial’s financing options.

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