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How to Take Charge of Your Small Business's Finances
October 03, 2016

How to Take Charge of Your Small Business's Finances

Do you wish you were able to consistently monitor your business’s finances and plan for the future? If so, use Financial Planning Month as an opportunity to take charge of your business’s finances, and create new, productive habits.

In this post, we’ll offer ways that you can tackle your business financial plan, so that you can generate sales, responsibly manage your finances and accomplish your future goals.

Monitor your spending habits

As a business owner, you should always be in-the-know about your business’s financial standing. Don’t ignore your business’s budget, and make sure that you’re sticking to your pre-determined spending limits. If you aren’t watching how much money you’re spending, you could make irresponsible purchases. You might not realize it, but the day-to-day financial decisions you make now could negatively affect the longevity of your small business!

Cut back on needless costs

As you monitor your business’s finances, you should take note of which areas you may be overspending on. It could be purchasing excess inventory, or paying for marketing services that your business isn’t profiting from. By scrapping unnecessary costs, you’ll make room to invest in essential purchases for your business, or better yet, save those funds for future needs! You never know when your business could fall on hard times, and might need cash set aside to keep your business afloat.

Use relevant tools

If accounting, budgeting and financial management are not your strongest skills, there are plenty of apps and services that can help you out. Organize and perfect your business financial plan by utilizing tools like FreshBooks, InDinero, Mint and Quickbooks, to name a few. Say goodbye to the days of manual bookkeeping or tedious efforts; with these financial services, you’ll be able to easily formalize a business financial plan.

Set tangible goals

If you want to ensure that your business’s finances continue to grow, set goals and hold yourself to them! Don’t make unrealistic goals, because you’ll likely get discouraged and set yourself up for failure. Make sure your goals are specific, but also realistically attainable. Once you accomplish these goals, don’t stop there! Your business will benefit if you and your employees are constantly working towards your next goal.

Don’t be afraid to ask other for insight

It might seem like a taboo to discuss your business’s finances, but getting other individual’s opinions may help you refine your business financial plan. Ask your trusted mentor, or one of your employees who works closely with the business’s finances. By gaining their input, you’ll be able to get advice on how you can improve upon your business finances in the future.

Invest in your future

Are there areas of your business that you want to expand upon, but you currently don’t have available funds? If so, consider applying for working capital from a recognized lender. With these funds, you’ll be able to tend to any areas of your business that are currently lacking. Plus, you can save some of these funds for your future, so that your business will always be taken care of.

During October, recognize Financial Planning Month and make a strong effort to take control of your business’s finances. While it may seem easier to take a relaxed approach to your finances, you’ll thank yourself when you’re able to tend to all of your business’s needs. Do you have tips for small business owners looking to improve their financial planning skills? Make sure to let us know in the comment section below.

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