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Everything You Need to Know About Cyber Liability Insurance

July 19, 2019
Most traditional business insurance policies don’t cover damages from cyber-attacks. To fill in this gap, cyber liability insurance has emerged as a separate form of insurance coverage.

The Top 10 POS Options for Small Businesses

July 12, 2019
Every interaction with your customers is significant when you’re running a small business. However, the point at which a customer makes a purchase is arguably the most critical moment in your customer’s journey.

How to Handle Spam Calls to Your Business

February 28, 2019
Spam calls are a common telemarketing tactic, but they can be disruptive to your business’s operations, annoying, and could even lead to fraud. If your business receives frequent spam calls, there are several approaches you can take to reduce spam calls, filter callers, and even stop them altogether.

5 Tips for Selecting Invoice Software for Your Small Business

February 27, 2019
Depending on how many invoices you process each month, you could gain significant savings for your business by using invoicing software. In fact, businesses save between $4 to $8 per paper invoice by converting to electronic alternatives.

How to Decide Between a POS System and a Cash Register

February 26, 2019
If you run a business that frequently processes in-person transactions, the technology you choose to process those sales affects far more than you might realize.

7 Appointment Scheduling Software Options to Consider

February 21, 2019
When it comes to running a small business, anything that increases efficiency and productivity has the potential to directly improve your bottom line. If your business depends on customer appointments, scheduling, rescheduling, and modifying bookings can take up most of your day. Fortunately, a multitude of appointment scheduling software options are available to make this process easier and reduce the number of errors, double-bookings, and no-shows that you might currently be experiencing. We’ve sorted through the options to find seven that we think are worth exploring.

Pros and Cons of Opening a Brick and Mortar Store for Your Online Business

December 14, 2018
Owning an online business can be an exciting venture, especially if your inventory is in demand from customers. If you own a popular, lucrative online business, you may be contemplating the possibility of expanding your business into a brick and mortar store. This can translate into new opportunities for your business, additional sales, more visibility and an overall more successful business.

How to Choose the Best Payroll Software for Your Small Business

November 30, 2018
As a small business owner, you and your employees know just how important payroll is. While many people see payroll as just a way to pay your employees — and it certainly is that — it’s a lot of other things as well. Along with paying your employees and yourself, good payroll software should also manage tax withholdings, handle reporting requirements, remit and file taxes to the appropriate agency, track PTO, offer direct deposits, and provide you with the resources you need when issues arise. In addition, it should help you stay compliant with state and federal labor laws.

5 Payroll Technology Providers that Your Business Should Consider

November 19, 2018
A quick online search for payroll technology providers will return countless options. Chances are, one or more of these options will make payroll administration far easier and efficient for you., but it can be challenging to determine which one is best for your company’s needs.

7 Tips for Utilizing Live Chat Services

October 23, 2018
Did you know that live chat is the highest-rated engagement channel? Live chat provides an instant response to customer’s questions, opposed to email, in which customers typically receive an automated response and might have to wait days before a representative gets back to them.