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How to Effectively Grow Your Business Using a Mobile App

June 07, 2017
According to Pew Research, roughly three-quarters (77 percent) of Americans now own smartphones. Just look around you the next time you are out to dinner or at the store. People are addicted to their smartphones!  You want your business to reach those people don’t you?

The top 5 trucking industry trends in 2017

May 12, 2017
As a trucking business owner, it is imperative to not only ensure you have a firm grasp on the needs of your existing customers, but it is also extremely crucial to monitor the broader trends emerging nationwide. Staying up-to-date with industry trends will enable you to quickly adapt your business as required in order to maintain successful operations.

National Nurses Day Presents Chance to Discuss Business Ideas

May 05, 2017
National Nurses Day is tomorrow! This holiday provides the chance to celebrate the value of nurses and the services they provide for their patients. It is also an opportunity to explore how nurses can start their own ventures and contribute to healthcare outside of the traditional hospital or doctor’s office setting.

5 business time management tips for entrepreneurs

April 28, 2017
Being a small business owner requires you to multi-task. While we commend business owners who try and do it all, it is important to follow business time management strategies.

5 Ways Text Messaging Can Help Your Small Business

April 18, 2017
As a small business owner, implementing new technologies can be a hassle. Regulations are tight, and information must be tightly protected. Unfortunately, this can often make it difficult to engage with your customers.

Manufacturing industry trends to follow in 2017

April 17, 2017
The manufacturing industry in the United States is, both literally and figuratively, the backbone on which our lives are built. There is not much that we do throughout the day that doesn’t include using a manufactured product. Examples of this are the clothes we wear, vehicles taking us from point a to point b, and the furniture we sit or sleep on.

How to master small business cyber security

April 10, 2017
Cyber security is a real concern, and should be a top priority for organizations nationwide. As breaches and fraudulent acts occur in the headlines, you should focus your efforts on understanding what cyber security is and how you can protect your business from similar attacks.

5 business email etiquette rules you may be breaking

April 07, 2017
Email marketing is a strategic way to connect with both current and potential customers. It allows you to communicate upcoming promotions, information about your operations and provide customer service.

Pros and cons of opening a brick and mortar store for your online business

April 03, 2017
Owning an online business can be an exciting venture; especially if your inventory has resonated with customers. If you own an online business that has seen great success, you may have contemplated expanding your business into a brick and mortar store. This can translate into new opportunities for your business; additional sales, more visibility and an overall successful business.

Marketing tip of the month: Gain social media followers

February 13, 2017
Want to enhance your small business’s online presence? Then it’s time to focus on gaining social media followers! Developing a social media strategy may seem daunting, but if executed correctly, it can help you reach new customers. To start, you should focus on how to get more followers, so that you’ll in-turn receive more engagement. Increasing your followers on various platforms will allow you to reach a wider audience, which will hopefully translate into more customers.