May 26, 2016

Help Others in Honor of World Hunger Day

Running a small business can be hectic, but it is important to remember to give back to the community. Although as a small business owner you probably have a variety of responsibilities to attend to, helping people in need should always be a priority. Saturday is World Hunger Day, and Fora Financial is proud to have participated in City Harvest and Daily News’s Food Drive, the largest food drive in New York City. They help to feed the nearly 1.4 million New Yorkers living in hunger. Craig Lecker, Sales Manager at Fora Financial, started volunteering with City Harvest in college when his hockey team sponsored yearly food drives for the organization. After graduating, he wanted to continue helping this great cause, and decided to get Fora Financial involved. Last year, our HR department started working with Craig to recruit more employees to donate to the cause. “I got Fora Financial involved because I always believed in giving back to those in need,” Lecker says. “I’ve been able to recruit more people each year.” Since getting involved in 2013, we have increased our fundraising goal each year. Not only has our goal increased every year, but we’ve been able to continuously surpass it. At the end of 2015, over 400 items were donated by 120 Fora Financial employees between December 9th and December 30th. These items helped feed individuals amongst the 500 food programs in New York City that City Harvest serves. In addition to donating food items, Fora Financial sent City Harvest a check for $5,000. We care about this cause, and wanted to do more to help the hungry in NYC. We decided to make this year’s food drive a friendly competition between our two offices. Our office at 242 West 36th Street won the contest by donating the most items out of the two locations, 281 food items total. This year, consider working with your small business employees to recognize World Hunger Day, and help people in need. Let us know in the comment section below how your small business gives back to the community!