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A Good Sport

Owned and operated by Ismael Lopez, PR Wraps provides joint stabilizing straps for athletes and active individuals in Miami, Florida. Designed for everyone from Olympic weightlifters to weekend warriors, PR Wraps gives you the confidence to perform without injury.

Fora Financial provides better banking in general.

Continuing to Grow

Ismael has consistently fulfilled his goals of scaling and growing PR Wraps since its inception. In addition to expanding PR Wraps, Ismael now owns Crossfit gyms throughout South Florida.

Carrying the Weight

Ismael found himself in need of funding for additional equipment and facility space to continue his expanding network. An entrepreneur friend recommended Fora Financial. Ismael and PR Wraps, as well as his other business ventures, have benefited from multiple rounds of merchant funding to efficiently and quickly grow his businesses. Ismael recommends Fora Financial to small business owners who need that little extra boost to take their performance to the next level.

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