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Paying it forward:

Steve opened his first Mathnasium in 2011. A learning center for students, Mathnasium offers extra help to students struggling in math. The business offers after school assistance to help boost the math skills of students in the form of one-on-one support. The extra time and attention spent with students outside the classroom has proven to help improve grades. Steve took a chance on this business with hopes he would make a difference in student’s lives. With a lot of hard work, Steve’s clientele nearly doubled in size, but so did the bills.

They care about our business and because of that we’ve been able to help several hundreds of students actually graduate, go off to college, it’s been a really rewarding experience. To Take a small company that was really struggling and to take a chance on it and see it actually benefit the community like this has been a really great experience.

Growing Pains:

With the significant growth Steve Frazier and his team at Mathnasium were experiencing, they needed to add additional instructors and equipment to service the needs of their growing student base. Steve found Fora Financial and was quickly impressed with the service his representative was able to provide his business in a short time. After getting all the questions he needed answered Steve decided on Fora Financial’s Merchant Funding product. The funding was in the Mathnasium’s business account within a few days and Steve almost immediately started to see the benefits. On the Merchant Funding program Steve was able to increase Mathnasium’s cash flow within a week and hire additional instructors.

The Growth Continues:

Because of the successful partnership between Fora Financial and Mathnasium they have expanded to a second location and are now looking to open a third. Fora Financial has helped support Frazier’s two locations by providing funding seven different times. In September of 2011 Steve Frazier took a chance on a struggling education institution and since then has helped hundreds of student’s graduate high school with the help of Fora Financial.

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