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5 reasons to utilize your local chamber of commerce

October 19, 2016

Did you know that today is Support your Local Chamber of Commerce Day? As a small business owner, joining your local chamber of commerce can provide you with numerous networking and educational opportunities. By being a member, you’ll be able to contribute your ideas, and have a say in issues that matter to small business owners. If you’re not an existing member, here are a few reasons to join your local chapter, and if you are already a member, here are a few ways to make the most of your membership.


How to boost business on Columbus Day

October 10, 2016

Happy Columbus Day! If you’re open today, chances are you’re looking to gain additional sales from individuals who are off from work and school. In this post, we’ll offer some last minute tips that you can try in order to increase your Columbus Day sales, and give you some ideas that you can use next year!


5 ways to celebrate National Women's Small Business Month

October 05, 2016

If you’re among the 9.1 million female business owners in the United States, this month is about you. October is National Women’s Small Business Month, which means that now is the time to celebrate your accomplishments and focus on your growth as a small business owner. In this post, we’ll share five ways that you can network with other women in small business, expand your skills and benefit your business’s future.


How to juggle parenting and owning a successful small business

September 16, 2016

Juggling the roles of small business owner and parent is not an easy challenge. Your day-to-day is a constant balancing act, where you’re trying to take care of your children, while devoting the necessary time to running your business. In order to be an involved parent and a successful business owner, it is pivotal to learn multi-tasking, organization and other skills that may seem simple. In honor of National Working Parents Day, we’ll suggest four tips for working parents, so that you can excel as a parent, and a business owner!


Employee retention strategies for small businesses

August 29, 2016

Small businesses require hard-working employees that can contribute to a variety of areas. Regardless of industry, most small business employees have to be team players and are expected to manage a wide range of responsibilities. Due to this, it is important to consider employee retention strategies. 


Making debt payments? Here's what you need to know

August 17, 2016

Having outstanding debt can be a stressful, financially taxing time as a small business owner. It can seem impossible to find responsible ways to pay off debt, while also running a successful business. In this post, we’ll provide four tips to pay off debt, so that you can get back on track and focus on the future of your small business.


3 Steps to Taking Business Tax-Filing Efficiency Into Your Own Hands

August 12, 2016

When you run a business that’s based in the United States, you’re responsible for filing an annual tax return to disclose your business activities for the year. You’re also responsible for paying any amount due based on your taxable income (net income).  


10 money saving tips for small businesses

May 30, 2016

In order to run a successful small business, you’ll need to be able to keep track of your business’s finances. If you find that you’re overspending, try these 10 tips for saving money, so that your able to grow your business for many years to come.


Help others in honor of World Hunger Day

May 26, 2016

Make giving back to those in need an initiative for your small business! Saturday is World Hunger Day, and we’re reflecting on our experience helping New Yorkers living in hunger, in hopes that it will inspire small business owners like you to get involved. Focusing on growing your small business is great, but make sure you’re helping community members in need, too!  


Summer small business perks for employees

May 23, 2016

Make your small business a great place to work during the summer months! With these perks, you’ll inspire your employees to work hard while still enjoying summertime.

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