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Recognizing Labor Day

August 29, 2013

Labor Day weekend is a great time to relax with your loved ones, set new goals and celebrate your small businesses accomplishments. As a small business owner, take advantage of Labor Day and celebrate this holiday honoring working individuals across the company.

The first Monday of every September, also known as Labor Day, is a very special day for workers across the country. Labor Day was instituted as a national holiday on June 28, 1894, in order to honor the working men, women and even children who were the industrial foundation of America. This day allows us to celebrate American employees, small businesses included, and their achievements in the workplace.

Small business is now often viewed as the engine that helps drive our economy. These business owners are known for being active in their community, giving back to schools and other local organizations whenever and however they can. They work tirelessly to maintain a positive atmosphere and reputation for their businesses, while striving to fulfill the needs of their clientele. For these reasons alone, Labor Day should be openly observed by owners in order to show employee and customer appreciation. This day can be used to acknowledge the hard work staff does each day by allowing them to take advantage of this day off for some much needed rest and relaxation.

Setting goals to fulfill in the near future is a great way to start fresh once the Labor Day break has passed. Take advantage of this day and make sure to show your respect for all the hardworking small businesses in our country.

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