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Upgrading Equipment for Your Restaurant

April 04, 2014

As a restaurant owner, there will come a point that upgrading your equipment will be necessary. Having new, reliable equipment will allow you to provide your customers with elevated services. Find out how you can purchase equipment without breaking the bank!

Upgrades and purchasing new equipment can be costly, but if you wait until your equipment is no longer running at full capacity, you might be risking your customers’ satisfaction. Specifically in the restaurant industry, the same equipment is being used every day, repeatedly in the kitchen. Even the best products your money can buy are going to wear and tear over time.

Specifically in the restaurant industry, the same equipment is being used every day, repeatedly in the kitchen.

Making the decision to upgrade doesn’t have to be difficult though. If you keep up with service checks, and pay close attention to the equipment you may be able to make repairs periodically, rather than replacing an entire unit. Keep in mind the age of your equipment, a stove or oven you have had for 15 years may still seem like its working properly, but older equipment needs to be watched more closely and may require periodic service calls.

If you have no other choice but to replace a piece of equipment and are on a tight budget, looking into used equipment may be a viable option. Many times used equipment for sale doesn’t have a high usage volume and is still considered an upgrade. A lot of used restaurant equipment actually comes from restaurants that closed from slow sales, so it’s possible to obtain a fairly new purchase.

You may not always be able to tell when it’s the right time to purchase new equipment, and when the time comes it might not be ideal. Try to find the best deal you can, purchase a product with a long warranty and offers free service calls. It may not be a convenient time, but if it is jeopardizing productivity for the restaurant you may have no choice but to upgrade.

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