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Trucking and Transportation Driver Shortage

April 09, 2014

As the demand for trucking and transportation increases, so does the demand for experienced drivers. This growing industry’s biggest issue is not having enough qualified drivers to meet the market’s needs for trucking services.

One of the industry’s biggest challenges at the moment is facing enormous growth in the industry while lacking the qualified drivers needed to run routes. Despite past tough economic times, this industry is expecting a reported growth of 1.1 million jobs through 2014. The demand to move consumer goods across the nation is at an all time high, but the drivers aren’t. The cost for consumer goods is currently on the rise because of the high costs now associated with transportation. If companies were able to have the staff needed to run these routes they would be able to take on more jobs and lower their fees.

There are also recruiting firms that specialize in finding experienced drivers.

The trucking and transportation industry can offer a very lucrative career for individuals in search of a job. With a little bit of training, and a commercial driver’s license you could be well on your way to earning a living with benefits. Trucking companies looking for qualified drivers should attend recruiting events at different college campuses to put their career opportunities in front of recent graduates.

There are also recruiting firms that specialize in finding experienced drivers. Because these firms specialize in recruiting they can typically provide access to qualified drivers quickly. With 25,000 unfilled trucking jobs available in the nation there are plenty of opportunities available for individuals seeking a career. The industry has made strides to make jobs more attractive by offering signing bonuses and reimbursing driving school tuition, which can be pricey.

The industry has really shown that it cares about increasing the amount of drivers on the road. With the demand to move consumer goods at an all time high the opportunity to make a profit is there. These companies just need to find a way to hire skilled drivers to move their trucks!

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