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Strategies for your Farmers Market

August 02, 2013

Many farmers’ markets experience a shift in sales and products during the changing seasons. In order to have steady sales throughout the year, it is important to plan ahead and think of new strategies that will keep customers coming back.

With summer coming to a close and fall right around the corner, vendors for Farmers’ Markets have the opportunity to restructure their agricultural income strategies and direct marketing operations. Farmers’ Markets greatly help increase local economic development in rural and urban areas, while most importantly increasing farm income to small producers in the area. In order to maintain the success of your Farmers’ Market, hiring a skilled market manager will keep operations growing and running smoothly. Setting up your market in a central location provides ample space to grow, as well as room for additional amenities for increased customer satisfaction.

With continued sales of seasonal and organic produce, Farmers’ Markets bring in reoccurring customers who appreciate the freshness of what they are buying. Building these relationships is a great strategy for these markets, giving producers the opportunity to connect with customers on a more personal level. Sharing recipes, providing samples of new produce and offering gardening tips are all beneficial ways to bond with your weekly regulars. Having knowledge of the produce and other items you sell builds confidence in your customers that you are familiar with what you are offering.

Be prepared for business at your Farmers’ Market this upcoming season, by displaying your determination to succeed and appreciation towards the local community whom support you each week.

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