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One of the first businesses to grow and emerge within the working capital market during the recession, Fora Financial has established a competitive position in the marketplace, as well as a storied legacy. It all started with two college roommates, Jared Feldman & Dan Smith, who had an innate passion for small business. In June of 2008, Dan & Jared combined their financial savvy and small business knowledge to start Fora Financial.

Over the next eight years, Dan and Jared worked tirelessly to build their staff and client base from the ground up. Continually doubling their staff and revenue every year since its inception, Fora Financial has continued to develop transparent relationships with our clients and partners and provide them with custom, innovative funding solutions. Fora Financial has funded over 18,000 individual transactions to more than 10,000 unique customers. The company has funded over $500 million in working capital for small businesses since its inception.

Fora, meaning “marketplace” and “forum” in Latin, aligns with our mission to foster and support the small business industry. The rebrand also created efficiencies and consistencies to better serve our customers and partners. Today, Fora Financial continues to remain a competitive leader with one of the most extensive offerings and services in the small business industry. We remain dedicated to developing new, innovative ways to serve companies in an ever-changing financial market.